We’re going to be starting up an online class about teaching online classes and we’re doing some small “daily create” type activities. In this case people are asked to sign up for a gravatar and then reflect on why they chose that image. As part of the practice-what-you-preach initiative I figured I’d say why I’ve… Read More

flickr photo shared by AndrewDallos under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license I’ve been thinking a bit about how hashtags function on Twitter when used in course in particular. These thoughts are shaped mainly by seeing how #vizpoem, #curiouscolab, and #thoughtvectors have played out vs some of the other hashtags we’ve used like #vcualtlab… Read More

I Think You’ll Find It’s a Bit More Complicated Than That: Amazon.co.uk: Ben Goldacre: 9780007462483: Books tags: toread science journalism complexity truth lies weekly 15 Unusual College Mottos | Mental Floss ” FACIO LIBEROS EX LIBERIS LIBRIS LIBRAQUE” I make free adults out of children by means of books and a balance. tags: weekly latin… Read More

I joined Twitter in November of 2007 which is roughly seven and half years ago. That’s a fairly long time and both my use and my thoughts about Twitter changed quite a bit over that time. Consider that Twitter only produced about 5,000 tweets a day back 1 then compared to 50 million a day… Read More

I needed a bit of redemption after last week’s pitiful showing. As a result, I spent a good bit more time in the morning and wandered back to some areas on Broad Street that I’d been neglecting. A random high school tour group was coming through our building. I got the chance to divert them… Read More

Mapping #Ferguson | Mapbox “In particular, we wanted to see if there was any difference between tweets from locals and those from people who traveled to Ferguson to participate in or report on the protests.” tags: mapping ferguson twitter data sociology weekly map dataviz tweet The town that runs on Twitter: Jun’s residents tweet to… Read More

I had an interesting day at UVA a few days ago as part of their Innovation in Pedagogy Summit. I got the chance to talk to UVA’s Teaching Resource Center group and listen to some interesting educators talk about their practice. I was the closing keynote and I talked, as I have before, about what… Read More

About | superflux “We work closely with clients and collaborators on projects that acknowledge the reality of our rapidly changing times, designing with and for uncertainty, instead of resisting it. We are particularly interested in the ways emerging technologies interface with the environment and everyday life, and with proven experience in design, strategy and foresight,… Read More