I set myself the slightly odd challenge of creating a few interactive poems using JavaScript elements. I plan to do this every so often for a while.1 Each creation will have my own poetry,2 an image, and some element of JavaScript driven interactivity that relates to the poem. The theme came about because I was… Read More

Sometimes it’s the tiny, little bitty things. This is one of those times.1 Issue: Lesley Bullock is an awesome ornithology instructor who has all her students doing field work and they’re aggregating their work to a main mother blog hub. She is even having them record and upload bird songs which is entirely awesome. The… Read More

My Twitter Goodbye Email — Medium “Number of times bringing down the site: 2″ tags: twitter beta experiment fail failure weekly The Official Crow Box Kit tags: crow box learning animals training weekly On Surveys — Medium “It is too easy to run a survey. That is why surveys are so dangerous. They are so… Read More

For some time now I have achieved things in JavaScript through a combination of examples and brute force persistence. My methods are roughly akin to prisoners digging out of jail with a spoon. You can do it but it’s not something I’d recommend. Given my increasingly more sophisticated goals1 I was finding this to be… Read More

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I can create basic child themes. I can make some low level plugins. I can take themes and plugins as they’re given and live with the shortfalls. Lately I’ve become (more?) interested with the space between those two options. Can I use one or two plugins to create the equivalent of on-the-fly-child-themes? Can I teach… Read More

I’m pretty sure I’ve taken this shot before. Maybe multiple times. I still like the mix of lines and the bright yellow of the bricks. There’s also a pink stripe in the room which I didn’t see before.   I like all the geometry here- triangles, squares, rectangles, and the half circle of the wreath.… Read More

I’ve been meaning to set up a Masonry style layout for my weekly photography posts for a while. After my earlier post meshing together plugins, I figured now was the right time to show how to do it. Sure you could do this with a child theme and some specific themes have this layout. There… Read More

How did they make that? | Miriam Posner’s Blog Maybe this is a framework/concept for doing some of the ALT Lab documentation. It mixes tutorial/tool guide/example in a way that works pretty well. tags: digitalhumanities examples tutorials tools weekly After Twitter bot makes death threat, its owner gets questioned by police — Fusion “Robots are… Read More