Standardized Tagging – And The Best Idea I’ve Had in a While (right?)

OK. We had an interesting conversation at NECC about creating a standardized system of tagging so we can all actually find the things other people have made or found already. BUT the issue is in coming up with an effective way of tagging that everyone can use across all the school districts, states etc. Teaching Generation Z added an extra level of complexity by reminding me that there’s more to the world than the U.S. Dang. Forgot about that. 🙂 SO . . initially I figured you’d have to make a choice. You’d either have to go pretty broad and lose a lot of individual usefulness (state standards for one which I feel is really the key to getting a larger sphere of involvement and usage) or you’d end up with way too many tags. So rather than being a negative jerk I started thinking about how it’d be possible to keep the regional detail needed and still create something that was useful internationally. A POSSIBLE ANSWER— What if we set up tagging standards based on smaller groups (state standards in the US and whatever is a comparable level internationally). Then we create correlations between the standards. (That would be the real work). After that when you tag it with the VA standards it will automatically pull in the relevant […]

Simile – Exhibit – Tutorial v.4

It took a while but I put together a fairly lengthy tutorial on how to make an Exhibit site that gets its info from a Google spreadsheet feed. It’s complete with tutorial files and a number of screencasts. I’m not sure it’s out of beta yet but I’m inviting anyone who’s interested to check out the tutorial and let me know if I’ve done anything stupid or made absolutely no sense in any portion (which is likely when trying to describe how the different view options work). I tried to include a rationale for using the project with Millennials as well as step-by-step directions to get a basic working copy up and running. The customization piece was a lot harder to do w/o specific requests to cover. If you want to know how to do anything I didn’t cover feel free to contact me and I’ll throw up some more video. The link is here. I’d appreciate any feedback- good or bad. Thanks, Tom

TeacherTube Now Fixed

TeacherTube has been fixed for a while now and seems to be running better (in my mind anyway). It’s a great site and well worth checking out. The nice thing too, is that I imagine they’ll have locked things down pretty securely after that. It looks like TeacherTube has been hacked. Don’t try to log in or you’ll get stuck in a loop. An unnerving experience and hopefully it isn’t too bad. It does serve as a reminder to stay on guard.