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Meet the World – Information and Graphics

Grand Reportagem magazine (can’t find a link- it’s from Portugal) has an interesting series of info graphics (you can see them here) that illustrating fairly disturbing facts about countries- using the flags of the countries. Interesting idea- using symbols of pride to criticize/inform. You could also do something similar with many logos (companies, sports, universities). […]

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Study of gamers at IU School of Education

Media advisory: Study of gamers at IU School of Education: IU News Room: Indiana University The reason for the research, Appelman said, is that the learning style has changed for today’s students, but the content delivery has not adapted. In the standard method of teaching, teachers deliver content and expect memorization, reading, and other work […]

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Digital Economy and Pro Status

Just randomly thinking here . . . please pass if you’re busy and looking for direct application. I’m not a photographer, yet I’ve got over 10,000 images scattered among three flickr accounts. I haven’t bought film recently (or ever that I recall) but I’ve got to imagine that the film combined with processing would have […]

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Creative Communication: The Persona

Ever trying to follow in the footsteps of Tom, I realized quickly that it helps to add drama and humor into your communication with staff and students. Shortly after taking the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) position, I began brainstorming possible personae to catch the attention of my staff. I finally settled on I created […]

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Creative Communication – VA Educational Technology Leadership Conference

Welcome! Hope some of these resource prove useful to you while pursuing different ways to communicate. Update——-Download the creative communication presentation in Keynote 3, Powerpoint or PDF format. Useful presentation links Presentation Zen- a blog dedicated to better presentations Beyond Bullets- another blog dedicated to better presentations Dy/Dan- a blog about teaching that often covers […]

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