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Interactive Introduction to the Human Body

National Geographic has an amazing interactive look at the brain, heart, digestive system, lungs and skin. You can stimulate the brain with a variety of inputs and see what part of the brain reacts. The heart can be “put through the paces”, the digestive system fed, and the skin aged. You can even trigger an […]

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Periodic Table Printmaking Project

Here’s another example of art meeting science. A group of printmakers from all over the world created individual prints (using a variety of mediums) to create a periodic table. This might be a great cross-curriculum project. You could also apply this idea to math formulas and scientific/physical laws. via Neatorama

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Today’s Lesson: A Learner is a Learner

Our county has adopted Exam View Pro for assessments this year. Every middle and high school teacher has been trained on how to use the software, and they were asked to create their exams on it for this first semester. We have been using Exam View’s Test Center as a host for the tests. Tuesday, […]

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