Rome Built in a Day (Serious Fun)

The Machine Project, a gallery in LA, hosted the “24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project” last month. The group had a ton of cardboard and “building supplies”, did some research to figure out the layout of the city and pulled together all the images they could for modeling the buildings, put together a building schedule, and went to town. The results are inspiring. Imagine your class reconstructing a great city of civilization past, a series of chemical compounds, or some other seemingly insurmountable task that requires little skill, a good chunk of knowledge, and a great amount of energy and enthusiasm. BoingBoingTV Video Project Description monkyatomc’s flickr set (photo credit) selfconstruct’s flickr set

Of Chimeras, Tweets and Twittering

Jim Groom is now working with me at the University of Richmond. It’s his second day and we’ve already dreamed up enough projects to keep us in work for several years. It is great fun, incredibly geeky fun, but fun nevertheless. Anyway . . . we were talking about the differences between various web publishing options and I mentioned that Twitter was a chimera in that it did several different types of web publishing very well. I’m clarifying that here in part because Jim encouraged a post and in part because I got to use an interesting picture of a chimera. So, I’m still not solidly on the twitter bandwagon but we were comparing it to different things in terms of what it does and twitter did appear to have various body parts from other web options (not the whole of other options but recognizable chunks). Two Heads Synchronous like IM – works pretty well, I wouldn’t want to hold hour long conversations this way but for short bursts it’s nice Asynchronous like, well, 900 other options – simple and to the point (like I wish I was more often) The thing is twitter is, in many ways, both synchronous and asynchronous at the same time. That’s a neat trick. Blogging Limbs Micro Blogging – obvious Link Blogging – similar […]

African-American photos from 1900-1975

Over at Square America, Nicholas Osborn has posted 150 portraits and photos featuring African Americans. An absolutely beautiful collection. Link via BoingBoing

Minx Graphic Novels: Girl-Positive Comics

Minx Comics, published by DC Comics, focuses on girl-positive themes and images.  As a life-long comic book collector (boxes, bags, and the whole nine yards), it has worried me the way women in comics have become hyper-sexualized.  It’s difficult to find a female character who doesn’t seem to be popping out of her costume.  Minx offers a wonderful alternative to the modern super-heroine.  Pass this one onto your librarians! via BoingBoing