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Google Forms Meets the Spaghetti Syndication Monster

Or – how I do things since I can’t program – but isn’t the first title much more fun?1 First off, thanks to Jim Groom for letting me bounce ideas off him, giving some technical assistance and for testing services rendered. Now to business. Here’s what I wanted- a web accessible form that would display the data as it rolled in right under the submission form. Just like comments for a post but we wanted multiple questions2 and we wanted to be able to divide the responses. So that, in and of itself, is pretty narrow and stupid but what this can do in the end is pretty cool and can have widespread power. Using Google forms and the selective publishing option you can embed all sorts of user inputted data w/o having a clue how to program- and I think that’s pretty neat. Obligatory Warning for WPMU users (WP single user should just work)- Some of the stuff I’m going to tell you to do is not a good idea if you’ve got other authors on your WPMU installation that you don’t trust. If it’s just you and people who won’t be doing crazy stuff then proceed under your own recognizance. To make this work in WordPress MU3 you’re going to need to install one plugin – Unfiltered-mu. This […]

Why use WPMU in K12?

I’ve been slowly migrating all of our individual WP installs into WPMU over the last few days. It’s going to really make life a lot easier around here while adding some real advantages. You’ve seen Jim showing a million reasons to use WPMU in the college environment and while most (maybe all) can be transferred over to K12 there are some advantages to using WPMU in K12 that are worth looking at a little more directly. Flexibility – WordPress can handle just about any web need I have in a school setting. I can of course use it to blog but it can just as easily be the backbone for my school’s website and act more like a CMS. And imagine a school website that was both current and easy for multiple users to updated without expensive software. The ability to quickly and easily change themes is attractive to users but it is also a key component in creating engaging web experiences for students. BlackBoard and other CMS options tend to pretend to give you control over how your particular page or site looks but real customization is not an option at the user level and it makes a difference. Being able to control all the aspects of the Richard III page made things far more professional and interesting to […]


7 Things About Me

Since Milobo tagged me and I follow the rules of tag like a religion here are 7 things about me. As a general rule I don’t like schools or organized US education 1. I often wonder how I ended up doing this or if I even really belong here. On a positive note, I did enjoy Montessori school when I was younger. I have had 9 different full time jobs since I graduated in 2000. I’ve been hired by HCPS three separate times now and the University of Richmond twice. I’ve lived in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, South Korea, New York and Virginia. If it wasn’t for my extended family I’d move to Australia even though I’ve never been there. I like Steve Irwin that much. I used to chase rabbits a lot in my neighborhood- barefoot 2 I caught one once. Once. I hate that I have to sleep but like sleeping. I can’t help but think of how much more stuff I could do if I could just get by on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. As a result I’m always looking for ways people go without sleep and still manage to survive. For about a year I tried massive amounts of caffeine. It was normal for me to drink 3 Sobe No Fear […]