links for 2009-02-19

10 Principles of Beautiful Photography (tags: photography hdr images beauty goodphotos) Canon XH-A1 HD Work Flow : Apple Final Cut Pro HDV-1080p24 (tags: fcp size xha1 canon settings) FileMaker Instant Web Publishing (tags: hcps fmp iwp database)


Google Forms Meets the Spaghetti Syndication Monster

Or – how I do things since I can’t program – but isn’t the first title much more fun?1 First off, thanks to Jim Groom for letting me bounce ideas off him, giving some technical assistance and for testing services rendered. Now to business. Here’s what I wanted- a web accessible form that would display […]

Why use WPMU in K12?

I’ve been slowly migrating all of our individual WP installs into WPMU over the last few days. It’s going to really make life a lot easier around here while adding some real advantages. You’ve seen Jim showing a million reasons to use WPMU in the college environment and while most (maybe all) can be transferred […]


7 Things About Me

Since Milobo tagged me and I follow the rules of tag like a religion here are 7 things about me. As a general rule I don’t like schools or organized US education 1. I often wonder how I ended up doing this or if I even really belong here. On a positive note, I did […]