Education Innovation in NYC

I made a 24 hour visit to NYC to check out two of the schools in their iZone project. It’s worth reading a little more about the concept at their site. New York City has designed the iZone to free schools from the compliance-oriented culture that has inhibited real innovation in our nation’s schools. Schools […]

First Blood Poster

This is an early iteration of a Rambo poster I’m working on. It was harder than I thought to find an iconic silhouette to represent a movie (at least a movie that I liked). Things I like- the knife- iconic enough to represent the movie (although it needs some polishing) the idea of the Vietnam […]

Community Chest

This is kind of what I’m thinking of for #ds106. I’d like participants to have a random selection of these cards and play them in the comments. They’d embed the image in a comment on someone’s blog and link to the post they’d like to see them act on (flip in this case). I think […]

Picture 1

More #DS106 Possibilities

Some of this stuff is reposted from the distant past, most of it will work very well in English classes. Weird Books A site devoted to weird books. You can write the story, the book blurb, you can use as many titles as possible in a short story, build a video around the concept, interview […]



Sometimes you have to make things because they scare you. From the linked video which offers just an endless rainbow of animated gif possibilities.


More Animation

Enough is probably enough but I’m enjoying the useless entertainment of the process. I spent all day writing a far more useless report and got no joy out of it so this helps with recovery. There’s also the potential of making a reservoir of these gifs for people to remix into stories. Pulp Fiction This […]

Picture 4

More #DS106 Possibilities

Silhouette Take a silhouette from a movie, fill it with another scene from that movie to create something evocative of both yet entirely new. Pay close attention to the colors you use. To increase difficulty make it monochromatic. -via FFFFound Coupons Re-imagine1 key elements/lessons/morals of the movie as coupons. -via SuperPunch Rid the World Think […]


WCYDWT English?

This post has to do with Dan Meyer’s What Can You Do With This? concept and my utter failure to come up with ways to do it the way I’d like in English. I seem to be struggling with the same things that Todd Seal is/was struggling with over on Thoughts on Teaching. I can […]

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Average Color Ideas

Just yesterday Jim retweeted Psychmedia‘s find. Essentially, this post shows the first 1000 frames of North by Northwest by average color. Games you could play with these kind of data images1 Give someone the image. They tell the story based on the colors. The key here would be to map the writing to the image […]