Since my last post added to the sarcasm and bitterness on the Internet, I offer this to help balance the scales. A few photos I took lately that make me happy. This is the corn field across from one of our middle schools. There’s something about this frog’s composure sitting on my hand. I wouldn’t trust me but he seems perfectly at peace- maybe it’s shock. I’ve also been doing more photography with the phone. It helps that I remembered my Instagram password. There is a lot to be said for audience and community in helping encourage you to continue to publish. I’ll have to compare my phone vs DSLR photography at some point. The styles seem very different to me although a few of them are reposts of DSLR shots.



I’m not even sure this article warrants a response. I started to satirize it but it was already so far out there, it was hard to think of anything more ridiculous. If you want something useful, read elsewhere. If you like when I say mean things about poorly conceptualized ideas, this is for you. ____________________ 1. Digital portfolios for students. Imagine if all students were assigned a QR code at the beginning of the school year—or even the start of their educational career? Every year, instead of putting that student’s assignments or projects into a manila file folder that gets sent home (and oftentimes chucked in the trash) the teacher could upload a few examples of papers, projects, tests and quizzes to the QR code. The code could also include links to student videos, blog posts or other multimedia projects. That QR code-portfolio could then be printed on the student’s report card, so that the grade becomes about more than just one single letter. Imagine if you were talking about digital portfolios but kept pretending the way you got to the portfolio mattered more than the portfolio itself. Imagine if you could print1 a URL on a report card and get the exact same effect only you would not get to use the scanner app on your phone. 2. Connecting […]