If I Were A Pompous White Man

I know a lot of people have already responded to “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” but no one did it in quite the mocking way I’d hoped for so, as usual, I gave it a shot when I probably should have let it go. I started off angry and just became more depressed […]

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Daily Shoot Meets #VSTE

We were looking to do something to get participants more involved in documenting the VSTE conference this year. Essentially what we decided to do was create a random assignment generator and aggregate that content to a Posterous blog. We’ll work on our Tebowing skills but all in all it feels like it worked pretty well. […]

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My Take on #DS106

I recently tried to present something on #ds106 and MOOCs in general at VSTE. It’s probably best it wasn’t filmed. I’m going to try to present something more coherent in writing.1 This will be a description of what made this course work for me although I believe it could be generalized at least some to […]


Common Tools, Irregular Uses

Files Screenshots Word – Onion Skinning Comic Templates – Word/PPT PPT – Visual Timer Excel – MadLibs style Excel – Code breaker Excel – Self-Checking Crossword Puzzle Google Forms – Choose Your Own Adventure (Spreadsheet) Google Earth – Choose Your Own Adventure Excel – Easy HTML Formatting WordPress – Dictionary, Audio Repository, student newspaper etc.