Want to predict the future?

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand I grew up in Huntsville, AL. So my dad still sends me news from the area. It turns out Huntsville City Schools1 are going 1:1 with HP laptops in 4-12th grades and tablets in lower grades. I don’t know details beyond this article2, but based on these Onion worthy quotes, I predict a disaster of epic proportions. King3 said the district is on track to have wi-fi in all facilities sometime in the first semester. We’ll have the computers but the Internet, well, it’ll get there sometime first semester. “Holy smokes, that’s incredible,” board member Jennie Robinson said of the time frame. Initially, the district’s one-to-one computer program was anticipated to take several years to establish. Holy. Smokes. Beware of timelines that magically change from years to a summer. “(Information Technology) has a heck of a job ahead of them,” King said. We’re rushing stuff. Expect very bad things to happen. The comments on the article don’t seem to indicate a very prepared, friendly community either. I wish HCS good luck and I hope I’m wrong but this has the feel of something done quickly without proper infrastructure in a hostile community who did not participate in the planning process. If those things aren’t done, you can be sure that […]

Come Join The Party

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Thomas Hawk We’re looking to hire a new Director of Operational Technology1. The job description is below in block quotes. It’s fairly boring. I think that’s a legal requirement. Stuff I think you should know is above that. These are interesting times. You are joining a large, well established 1:1. We have a good foundation, solid infrastructure, and plenty of experience. This is not a passing fancy. We’re serious about taking our integration capabilities to the next level. Your focus is on how to support, manage, and improve all our various projects to help make current and future integration goals happen. There are lots of people and projects to manage in addition to working with me on a regular basis. You like Macs? We’ve got those for all of our elementary teachers and 5 per classroom (in addition to a number of carts in each school). We even have 1520 iPads. You like PCs? We have quite a few of those as well. 6-12 has a Dell laptop for every student and teacher. You want to advocate for new devices/platforms/concepts etc.? No problem. The HS device RFP is this coming year and MS and ES RFPs are the year after that. SIS and data warehouse projects are wrapping up but […]