Internet Detritus #4

Thesis Statements? Makes for an interesting project for any kind of book and maybe an introduction to the concept of a theme/thesis statement. via It’s Okay to be Smart Staying Pure via Boing Boing I’ve posted on the Google Translation idea before but this video adds a decent introductory element (although I’m not sure kids […]


Virginia Uniform Performance Standards Breakdown

If that’s not a sexy title, I don’t know what is. If you aren’t a teacher in VA it’s likely you should stop reading now. Others may have done this already, but I decided to breakdown the new VA Teacher Standards because I’m helping to look at integrating our multiple rubrics into this framework and […]

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Internet Detritus #3

This certainly won’t be a daily thing but I figured I’d keep rolling while I had some momentum. Scumbag Congress This was a meme created by one of Henrico County’s high school students for an English assignment with the ever awesome Mrs. Berry. Writing Prompts Also left behind were a bucket of live crabs, a […]


Internet Detritus

Travel Time/Time Travel One of those essential things history students (and teachers) need to keep coming back to. – via Flowing Data (which is good) via MNN (which I don’t like) who supposedly got the information from the 1932 Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States which you can find here (although I […]

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Internet Detritus

Techno Terror McSweeny’s is full of English goodness. “When A Stranger Emails” makes for a nice “ruin-the-story-with-technology” project. So many stories/movies/poems could be ruined by technology. For instance, take W.C. Williams’ This Is Just To Say – I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast […]


Pop Culture Omnibus

Once again, I harvest the fruits of the Internet sea and bring them to you free of charge and without the need for a publishing house. Ominous Summaries I love this although I wonder how funny/interesting this would be at any sort of scale. Via Criggo by way of Neatorama (Criggo is added to the […]