Like a Car Chase

This project was inspired by a Sklar brothers bit that I heard on the VA Beach AM comedy channel the other day. An edited and condensed version of track 16 is here. Now on to the assignment . . . Take any video.1 Add your voice over as if you were a local TV news anchor attempting to provide color commentary without stating anything as a fact or with certainty. Add all the hedge words and banalities that exemplify this kind of coverage. If you’re looking for the DS106 tag/aggregation for the assignment go here (AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments1085). The basic idea is this is almost the opposite of what we want students to do with writing. We want them to be specific, to eliminate hedge words, to make a strong argument, and to take a specific stance. In a class, I might flip it both ways. Have one understated version with no definite statements and then do another version which overstates things (like this Daily Show clip description which I may dig up the video for at some point). Or you could simply give them the option to either understate or overstate the commentary. This is a quick and dirty example where despite my efforts I accidentally say a few facts. For instance, there’s no way I could really know that […]


VA Custom Search

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time but somehow never did. I want to see what happens if we build a custom Google Search Engine for VA educational content. I know we duplicate things a million times over. I’m hoping this might help. It’s low effort enough to make. Essentially, I’d like all you good VA educators who have common wants and needs to submit your county sites, your particular social bookmarking pages, wherever you have your vetted content living. You can embed the custom search in your own site with the code below and you can add your own sites to the mix using the form below. Loading…

Twilight Zone Titles Poetry

This is the first #ds106 assignment I’ve done in a long while. The challenge is to write a poem using only the titles of Twilight Zone episodes. It’s an easy one for any English teacher to use as is or to adapt to whatever restricted set they want – chapter titles from a book, band names, Top 40 song titles, scientific names for animals etc. etc. I think more and more that a major part of English class ought to be encouraging students to play with language and then to figure out why they like what they like. Maybe that’s obvious. Thanks to Todd Conaway for the assignment (official assignment in the repository) and for the work getting the titles in one place. I also took his Word doc and put it in a Google Docs table to help me see more/most of the titles at once and because I dislike having to open programs on my computer these days. Mr. Denton On Doomsday The Fear The Fever The Last Flight The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street The Four Of Us Are Dying And When The Sky Was Opened I Shot An Arrow Into The Air The Last Flight The Purple Testament Dust Static The Silence