Time is on my side

I subscribe to the feedburner of all the Flickr Commons images. There are many, many posts which clutters my RSS aggregator at times but also renews my faith in the goodness and openness of humanity and provides many of my recent favorites. I was about to go to bed tonight when I hit a string of images from the Law School of Upper Canada. I flipped through them fairly swiftly as this was not my typical area of interest but the flickering images ended up being interesting, interesting enough that I attempted to capture it above in animated gif format. After downloading 20 portraits, I used Photoshop’s File>Script>Load Files Into Stack and was able to create the gif in about 6 minutes. It is a chunk of my life I’ll never get back but I made a small thing that I found interesting and I learned a bit as well. What’s more I put it out there for the wide world which is big enough that someone else may find it interesting as well.1 I think quite a bit lately of all the time I really wasted with work that did far less than this. These little things will add up. It is important to value that time and that element of inspiration. 1 I’ll let the Law School of […]


Early Draft of the Gardner Campbell/Doug Engelbart Mashup

Here is round one with the mashup video that may be used for some of the promotion for Gardner’s MOOC this summer. It’s in early stages right now. I want to match up the audio so that the echo-y feel of the Engelbart presentation is carried through and I am considering replacing chunks of video elements of Gardner’s pieces because the first two don’t bring much value (and the first one may actually cause confusion1). I’ll also be looking at what other video might bring additional context. In any case, I think this has a few pretty golden moments but it’s a fine line between that and getting too cute with things. 1 Not always a bad thing but . . .