Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

The smartest cities rely on citizen cunning and unglamorous technology | Cities | The Guardian “But, for whatever reason, this is not the face of urban innovation official India wants to share with the world – perhaps small-scale projects or the tactics of the poor simply aren’t dramatic enough to convey the magnitude and force of national ambition. We hear, instead, of schemes like” tags: weekly scale technology India Politwoops – Deleted tweets from politicians They just log quickly deleted tweets from politicians. Crazy. tags: twitter politics tweets weekly tweet Super Punch “If you’ve ever stopped to charge your cell phone in a Metro station, you should know that Metro considers that stealing and it’s not okay with them.  …  Metro spokesperson Paul Gonzales confirmed to KPCC that three people have been arrested and charged with theft of utilities for doing just that.  …  Update, 1:45 p.m.: Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is also Metro Board Chair, has told Metro to stop arresting people for charging their phones” tags: weekly charging phones Ayn Rand Helped the FBI Identify It’s A Wonderful Life as Communist Propaganda | Open Culture “The 1947 HUAC hearings, writes the blog Aphelis, led to “the systematic blacklisting of Hollywood artists.” Among the witnesses deemed “friendly” to capitalism were Gary Cooper, Walt Disney, and Ayn Rand. Prior to […]

Photography – Week 55

There’s likely to be some sort of yearly retrospective at some point but until then these are (mainly) traveling shots. We’ve gone from Richmond VA to Huntsville AL and then to Jacksonville FL. All interesting highway paths. Shooting from the car is a challenge. It mixes aspects of landscape photography and the speed of street photography. I’m also shooting with the 85mm so that also adds an element of challenge as there is no zoom. I like marsh areas like this. The tugboat and the trees helped set it off. I tend to shoot silhouette shots at the beach. I liked the captured motion in this one. This guy was waving to cars on Christmas morning. People are interesting. A classic “See Rock City” shot. The barn is red. The road is unpaved. The roof is rusted. Another Christmas day shot. The Santa hat sets off the outfit. A huge number of vultures surrounded this particular piece1 roadkill. We almost hit this vulture. I liked the strangely watercolor-like effect here even though the focus would likely have been better on the vulture. The mix of human made straight lines and the natural curves were the elements that appealed to me here. Someday I will go here. I’ve shot it a few other times from the highway. It is everything I […]

Photography – Week 54

These three are part of a return to the stranger portrait series. I stopped doing this for a while after a weird interaction.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

How Amalia Ulman Became an Instagram Celebrity — Vulture “How did the actress’s very public mental breakdown, and the national schadenfreude it inspired, factor into your project?” tags: writingprompt english selfies weekly art socialmedia Keshif – Simplicity Driven Visual Faceted Browser Interesting facet based browsing like Simile tags: data dataviz d3 simplicity keshif weekly tool The Poetry Of Yelp: How The Reviews Site Became A Massive Platform For Creativity | Fast Company | Business + Innovation tags: socialmedia poetry writing yelp weekly The Triumphant Rise of the Shitpic – The Awl “Shoddy workarounds and subpar image quality are a small sacrifice to make, so long as your version of a joke goes viral instead of someone else’s. That the image is a muddled cacophony of compression artifacts and blurry emoji matters little, so long as your screenname is above it.” tags: digital decay culture internet weekly A Town, if Not a Painting, Is Restored – NYTimes.com “Meanwhile, the longtime parish priest, who insisted that he did not formally authorize the touch-up, has been exiled to Zaragoza. “ tags: painting weekly nyt How to Run an Iowa BIG: Our Space #gowhalephants | ThinkThankThunk ” One of the space-related changes is the seeking of help. The demand for instruction must come from the student. We use our space at Vault as a […]

SPLOT Fest – Story Forker using Gravity Forms

One of the things I love about my little community of people is the in-process sharing1 of work. Alan is a master of this and he puts in serious work.2 In an attempt to give a little bit of energy back I present you a very rough version of the LPC3 SPLOT Story Brancher. To get at the roots of this idea, go read Alan’s initiating post. Alan’s making little web tools that don’t require logins and are focused on doing one small thing well (smallest possible online learning tools). Alan is capable of doing far more coding than I can so I tend to try to compensate by choosing non-programistan paths. This proof of concept took about 10 minutes this morning and probably shows that but it might inspire some deeper thoughts down the road. This is a quick and dirty example of how Gravity Forms would enable you to- create one form that enables the duplication/forking of whatever post it is in w/o requiring user login/account or creating new forms have the option to do some sort of incremental titling trackback to the parent post automatically for some sort of x begat y begat z etc. etc. navigation Get the Body This is the only code-ish piece. The gist below, added to your theme’s functions.php file, takes the […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

A Surfeit of Salamanders: An Imagined Picture Book – Inkfish “If ever there was a scientific study that deserved to be a children’s picture book, this was it. Scientists belly-crawled through the forests of the Ozarks, flipping stones and looking for slimy things that wriggled away from them. They learned that the forest is secretly packed with salamanders in unfathomable numbers, as many as 10 times what earlier researchers had thought. The amphibians emerged as the hidden heroes of the woodland ecosystem.” tags: science research children book weekly A Strange New Gene Pool of Animals Is Brewing in the Arctic – Issue 101: In Our Nature – Nautilus “While it’s tempting to imagine a strange new Arctic teeming with “grolar bears” and “narlugas,”” tags: animals arctic weekly WikiGalaxy: A Visualization of Wikipedia Rabbit Holes – The Atlantic “I didn’t mean to find this out. And I really didn’t want to know that Air Buddy had to have his right hind leg amputated the same year he became a star. But I found out anyway, because I had wandered into a Wikipedia Rabbit Hole. “ tags: wikipedia rabbit holes associative trails thoughtvectors weekly Tuesdays with Moron: Chatological Humor Update – The Washington Post ” To read it is to bathe in filth.” tags: washington post weekly language quote In the ocean, […]

Gravity Forms Black Magic

Gravity Forms makes my list of Non-Programistan tools. I haven’t seen quite enough posts celebrating the fact that Gravity Forms can do magic. The key feature at the moment that is kind of blowing my mind is the ability to use modifiers on the submissions fields— the ability to have the label (what the user sees/answers) be one thing and the value be something entirely different. It has the potential to enable some SPLOT like activities without the coding on the tool maker end1 . . . I know that sounds like nonsense but just follow me a bit . . . It’s easy to miss the checkbox that turns on the values. You can see it in the fairly annoying GIF above. The cool thing is you can put virtually anything in the value field- images, HTML chunks etc. This plus the ability to create content templates2 gives you the ability to have user form interactions create some fairly sophisticated content.3 In this example the user selects “Awesome” as the answer to a question and the form would record that AND the following HTML (stored as the value for that answer) The part where this starts to come together is in the construction of a post using the content template option. You get options detailed in the image below. […]

Embed Google Drive Folder in WordPress

>>>>>You can find an updated version here. As WordPress and Google Drive continue to blend in a variety of ways the desire to embed the contents of Google Drive folders has come up a few times. I found this Stack Overflow post a while back and had been using it myself. But in an attempt to get around iframe issues and make it a little friendlier I wrote a quick and dead simple plugin today. It seems to do the trick . . . Directions Assuming the plugin is installed and activated . . . Go to Google Docs. Get the unique ID for the folder you want to embed- seen in the highlighted portion of the URL in the image below. Then paste it between the shortcodes like so . . . and you get a nice little window that acts as a live interactive portal to the folder.

Geo Tagging WordPress

First, go try it out if you want. Submit something. It’ll help it make more sense. I thought this would be a lot easier than I made it. I tried lots of paths and considered spending various amounts of money to make this easier. Please benefit (probably) from my wandering. I try to link in where I learned different things and, more importantly, I tried to emphasize vocabulary that might be useful to you. My goal1 was to- have a Google2 Map interface that auto-located the device allow the user to drag the marker to adjust the location plot the resulting WordPress posts on a map To make this work you do need a Google Maps API3 key and on the WordPress side you’ll need the Gravity Forms (Costs money but worth it) and Geo Mashup (free) plugins. Gravity Forms will let you create posts via a form and provision form elements via URL parameters. Geo Mashup is the friendliest way I found to display posts on a Google Map based on lat/long parameters associated with the post. Auto Locate I went to a few different places for this but ended up finding/using the handy example posted in the Google Maps API documentation. It took me a while to get there- “geolocation” is the key term. Add it to your […]