Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Send in the telepresence robots! The most pointless ‘lifehacks’ … | Art and design | The Guardian ” It’s absolutely amazing and horrifying and hilarious. It’s a really good indication of what’s happening in tech: people who don’t understand something are trying to solve it with something else they don’t understand.” tags: tech technology education weekly unconed/MathBox.js This stuff is pretty impressive. Well worth checking out if you do anything with math. “MathBox is a library for rendering presentation-quality math diagrams in a browser using WebGL. Built on top of Three.js and tQuery, it provides a clean API to visualize mathematical relationships and animate them smoothly.” tags: github mathbox math js javascript library weekly How To Pay Attention — re:form — Medium “This is a habit of mine, and no doubt the accidental inspiration for the “practice paying attention” assignment. In fact, I think of this as self-assignment?—?study payphones in Manhattan (where are they clustered, where are they sparse, how many are broken?), security cameras around San Francisco (which ones are conspicuous and which are stealthy?), defaced Neighborhood Watch signs in Savannah, and so on. The point is to attend to some recurring thing that is ubiquitous, but that nobody is making any particular effort for me to notice. Historian Matthew Frye Jacobson’s collection of “Space Available” signs is a […]

Photography – Weeks 56 & 57

There is something strange about geckos. This is my oldest son’s new pet. We’ve gone without pets for some time. Harder to see in this smaller size but I liked the shadows here. Hopefully I say this in a way that is different from the way people convince themselves they taste nuances in wine. I simply like the shadows. I would not pay extra money for them and would be happy if they came from light I bought at a gas station. There were a long series of these ads in large and small sizes. They felt a bit like folk art. It was pretty much the middle of nowhere yet the need for wigs must have been great. It is hard to take pictures of dunes that don’t feel boringly repetitive. I’m not sure I succeeded here but I though the way the light hit the single dune like a spot light was worth capturing. I try to take pictures of this building often- usually from the highway. It’s a pretty cool building and this was taken at the end of a 12 hour car ride. The light at that time of night mixed with the street light and rain created an interesting effect. It was freezing cold when I took this shot. It was on the south end […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

The Panic Over Mammoth, Arizona – Neatorama “What many readers didn’t catch was that the story was posted on the subreddit NoSleep, which is a forum for fictional scary stories. The subreddit rules state that authors must stay in character, commenters must play along with the stories, and in fact comments debunking them are deleted. Local TV station KGUN talked with the author, C.K. Walker, about how her work of fiction blew up and escaped the internet. “ tags: weekly reddit fiction socialmedia reallife Google’s Philosopher: Tech and the Nature of Identity – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society “Consider his take on what it means to be a person. For Floridi, you are your information, which comprises everything from data about the relations between particles in your body, to your life story, to your memories, beliefs, and genetic code. By itself, this is a novel answer to the perennial question of personal identity, which has preoccupied philosophers since at least Plato: What defines the self as a coherent entity over time and space? But Floridi’s view can also help us think precisely about the consequential questions that today preoccupy us at a very practical level.” tags: identity privacy weekly philosophy data human The year in media errors and corrections 2014 | Poynter. “An article about a conservation project to […]