Photography – Week 66

I liked this guy quite a bit and he was more than happy to pose for the picture. He even switched the newspaper around so it’d be visible without any prompting from me.1 Another stranger portrait from the public park near where I work. I like patterns. This particular shot also has colors that I like. This felt more like a movie set than real life to me. It seemed too perfectly arranged. Another stranger portrait of some gentlemen warming up to do a dragon dance. I love coming across odd things like this. Yet another stranger portrait. I’m at 64 out of the 100 but it has taken a long time. 1 Not that I ever really say anything to the stranger portrait participants in terms of posing.

Show Today’s Events

In WordPress it’s easy to delay publishing until a certain date or to show posts published on a certain date but I didn’t know of an easy way to show posts associated with a certain date. What I wanted to do was allow an instructor to write a bunch of posts about art related events in the local area. They’ll be browsable in a variety of ways but we wanted the ones that were relevant to today to show up on the home page automatically so they’d get attention etc. This was one of those scenarios where I say something like “I am confident it can be done but I’ve never done it or seen it done.” In my head it made sense. I tried a few different ways but I’ll start with the one that worked and was pretty easy. It does require that you make a child theme but I plan to make a plugin that’ll do it if you give me a few days. Anyway, here’s the chunk that does the work. It is, as usual, a result of looking through the WordPress Codex. This is the source for the current time and the light finally went on that I didn’t even need to search a particular custom field as I read this piece on wp_query for […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Google Feud h/t Michael Price tags: weekly culture society google 3D Printers Create Fancy Future Crackers That Sprout Into A Mini Salad “Food Designer Chloé Rutzerveld believes 3D printing will revolutionize the food industry, and she is getting the ball rolling by developing a 3D printed cracker that consists of living organisms such as seeds, spores, and yeast. In three to four days, the seeds and spores sprout into a miniature salad that is said to be completely natural and healthy, demonstrating the potential the technology has to “make the [food] production chain very short,” with less transportation and land requirements. “ tags: 3dprinting 3d food weekly “You are terrified of your own children, since they are natives in a world where you will always be immigrants. Because you fear them, you entrust your bureaucracies with the parental responsibilities you are too cowardly to confront yourselves. In our world, all the sentiments and expressions of humanity, from the debasing to the angelic, are parts of a seamless whole, the global conversation of bits. We cannot separate the air that chokes from the air upon which wings beat.” tags: quote future natives weekly On rote memorization and antiquated skills “Deliberate rote memorization is an attempt to take a shortcut in the learning process… Instead of having people learn important facts […]


bbPress and Multisite Sanity Saver/Savior

By default bbPress will enroll you as a form participant on every site you go to when you’re logged in on a multisite installation. It is meant to be helpful but usually results in a headache. People get nervous that people they don’t know are in their users list. Other people want to un-enroll to clean up their sites list. I found this solution a while back but since the way I did required modifying a core file it was overwritten on a recent update. It took me a while to figure out what what was done where so I’m putting it in this post as a reminder and with slightly more specific directions for other similarly clueless people. You’ll be editing the following file bbpress/inlcudes/users/capabilities.php that ought to live in your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/bbpress) All you need to do is look for the /** Ready comment and then replace the code below with (I duplicated some code that isn’t actually replaced to help show more context)

Bootleg Daily Create

Given a different type of planning I’d have started with Alan’s Daily Create Theme but that’s now how these particular stars aligned. Instead I had a course site that was mostly built and had been polished in a variety of theme specific ways when the daily create idea came up. I didn’t really want to mess with switching themes etc. as time is getting short. Plus there was probably more than a bit of curiosity if I could stitch 80% of the functionality together via non-programmistan means. I turned to a few of my old standbys to get this done. The theme remains Flat Bootstrap. The plugins pulling the majority of the weight are- Feed WordPress– pulls in the student blogs, Flickr images, and possibly Twitter via this Gravity Forms– lets the site admins create daily create prompts in a structured way without needing to know exactly what they’re doing Display posts shortcode– lets us easily embed the participant submissions with the prompt Simply Exclude– will allow us to include/exclude categories from specific pages. In this case I just wanted to keep the Flickr generated daily create elements from cluttering up the main bloggregate page. I’m ok with showing blog submissions here even if they are daily creates. On the looks side, I’m using Jetpack to do the custom CSS […]

Photography – Week 65

The mix of lines and color work pretty well with the reflection to be something a bit more than just a window. Something about this felt like a buoy on water rather than a traffic cone on bricks. The giant peach water tower being repainted in Gaffney. The Silver Dollar was once a place of hope.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

emulsifier on Vimeo h/t boing boing tags: perspective art fish bird weekly Vimeo Reddit and suicide intervention: How social media is changing the cry for help, and the answer. “Now, nearly 35,000 people are subscribed to SuicideWatch. Related subreddit, or sub, StopSelfHarm has 4,500 members; MakeMeFeelBetter has 15,000; the depression sub, which shares some moderators with SuicideWatch, has more than 100,000 subscribers. “ tags: reddit socialmedia suicide depression culture weekly Taylor & Francis Online :: Response option configuration of online administered Likert scales – International Journal of Social Research Methodology – Volume 18, Issue 1 “Results indicated that vertically unidirectional response options should be used when absolute judgments are being made using online-administered Likert scales. When relative judgments are being made, horizontally unidirectional response options should be used.” tags: likert scales orientation survey design research weekly It’s Open Season on the Tech Elite – Global Guerrillas “Over the weekend, ISIS threatened the life of Jack Dorsey, a co-founder and Chairman of Twitter.  Why?  Twitter, at the urging of the US government, has been shutting down the accounts of ISIS supporters for months.  So, ISIS supporters responded by making a threat with a nifty graphic: We told you from the beginning it’s not your war, but you didn’t get it and kept closing our accounts on Twitter, but we always come back. But when […]

JavaScript Poetry

I set myself the slightly odd challenge of creating a few interactive poems using JavaScript elements. I plan to do this every so often for a while.1 Each creation will have my own poetry,2 an image, and some element of JavaScript driven interactivity that relates to the poem. The theme came about because I was reading Don’t Bump the Glump to my youngest. I like playing with words and have a long list of strange ideas that I’ve never brought any further. I also want to keep learning JavaScript and to mess with a variety of js libraries. On the art/drawing side, I’m working on my vector drawing skills in Illustrator. The two examples I’ve done so far have just been thrown up as bare bones HTML sites3 and have used completely different js libraries. They’re both built off already existing examples that I modified. I don’t consider that cheating but will probably move more towards from scratch construction as I get better at things. The Grabbit The goal: Eyes that will track mouse movement. It’s iframed in above but the full size page is here. The start: A brief search led me to this Code Pen. It uses jQuery as the main library. I’ve got think more about mobile when doing interactive stuff with js. I think I can […]

Let the Birds Sing (Feed WordPress Filter)

Sometimes it’s the tiny, little bitty things. This is one of those times.1 Issue: Lesley Bullock is an awesome ornithology instructor who has all her students doing field work and they’re aggregating their work to a main mother blog hub. She is even having them record and upload bird songs which is entirely awesome. The problem was that when aggregated, the built in WordPress player wouldn’t show up. Oddly, it’s there in the code. I could see it there taunting me (below). However, the visibility was set to hidden. Once I realized the content was coming in, I tried the least invasive response- that is I just tried to override the CSS using the custom CSS option in Jetpack. No dice. Given that this is hardcoded into the post at the element level that wasn’t a huge surprise but it was worth a shot.2 I considered a few other options- Feed WordPress advanced filters, altering the core WordPress files . . . and they either wouldn’t do what I wanted or they felt too dramatic given the limited use case. I eventually got to the wonderful site for Feed WordPress (far superior to the WP plugin support page). There’s all sorts of good information on creating plugins/filters for Feed WordPress. What I ended up making is incredibly trivial but it […]