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#usgened #connectedlearning A good summary of the ethical issues of student blogging: http://t.co/EHlyiG4ZiT — Robert H. Gowdy (@rhgowdy) June 20, 2015 The Twitter exchange above prompted this post which will revisit some things various people have said lots of times to lots of different people but I haven’t written any of my responses down lately. The post that kicked this particular version off was from Annette Vee. I find it a well-intentioned consideration of things she’s thinking through when using blogs with her students. And that’s the important piece. This is about how Professor Vee has chosen to use blogs with her students (Sounds like personal essays as part of a writing class?). That’s not the same as concerns with blogs (the tool that lets you put stuff on the Internet). The danger with the word “blog” is that it appears to mean something specific and it doesn’t. Alan makes that point here in 2005. A few years later I tried to do similar things in 2007 and 2008.1 2 I pretty much feel like the comic above applies to this topic pretty well. We’d just need to add a few statements around democracy and inequality. This won’t fix all the core things that are broken about school or our society. It might help some if properly applied but it’ll […]


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If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras – YouTube tags: dinosaur video humor weekly Disney Parks Ban Selfie Sticks “Disneyland and Walt Disney World have officially banned selfie sticks inside the parks. In a statement to the press, a Disney spokesperson cited safety concerns as one of the reasons for the ban. “ tags: weekly selfie sticks ban disney Vampire squid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Vampyroteuthis infernalis, lit. “vampire squid of Hell”” tags: weekly vampire squid latin biology This is your brain on unread emails: does the information age stop us thinking straight? Corballis’s book is, perhaps fittingly, a meandering exploration of why it is not always good to be on-task or “mindful” – although, if it has one overall message, it is this: “nature designed us to dream, to escape the channels that confine us”. This is a comforting reminder that, whatever the impact of technology on our brains, it is not predetermined. Our frustratingly large capacity for distraction is also an innate source of freedom. tags: weekly information thinking Jim Stingl – A typical welcome sign? That won’t fly ” A sign painted in letters 6 feet tall tells people arriving here by air: “WELCOME TO CLEVELAND.” “There’s not a real purpose for having this here except madness” tags: weekly because New York Times falls for […]


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dy/dan » Blog Archive » If Math Is The Aspirin, Then How Do You Create The Headache? “Think of yourself as someone who sells aspirin. And realize that the best customer for your aspirin is someone who is in pain. Not a lot of pain. Not a migraine. Just a little. Piaget called that pain “disequilibrium.” Neo-Piagetians call it “cognitive conflict.” Guershon Harel calls it “intellectual need.” I’m calling it a headache. I’m obviously not originating this idea but I’d like to advance it some more. One of the worst things you can do is force people who don’t feel pain to take your aspirin. They may oblige you if you have some particular kind of authority in their lives but that aspirin will feel pointless. It’ll undermine their respect for medicine in general.” tags: weekly itch headache urge math dydan meyer question force Lessons from the principal of a Kentucky school that went from one of the worst to one of the best under Common Core – The Hechinger Report Like the SBG stuff from Shawn Cornally (think, thank, thunk). Be nice to see more of this in higher ed. “Probably the biggest gains came after we let students start developing learning objectives based on the standards. We would actually give the students the standards and ask them, ‘What […]


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Explorable Explanations “Do & Show & Tell Don’t try to explain everything with something interactive. Use interactivity only when interactivity works best, otherwise, supplement it with text & images. Also keep in mind the overlaps of Do & Show & Tell: when text interacts with the diagrams (e.g. Tangle), and vice versa. Text: Best at describing very abstract concepts. Graphs: Best at showing broad relationships at a glance. Animations: Best at showing temporal relationships. Interactives: Best at showing processes, systems, models. (See final slide on Procedural Rhetoric)” tags: weekly interactive explorable_explanation explorable explanation Death by Coca Cola – Neatorama “A 31-year-old New Zealand woman died following a cardiac arrhythmia which the coroner blamed on her 2.2 gallon-a-day Coca Cola habit: “ tags: math health coke weekly wcydwt Small Is Beautiful – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Schumacher’s philosophy is one of “enoughness”, appreciating both human needs, limitations and appropriate use of technology. It grew out of his study of village-based economics, which he later termed Buddhist economics, which is the subject of the book’s fourth chapter. “ tags: weekly economics scale Quote by Freya Stark: “There can be no happiness if the things we beli…” ““There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.” ? Freya Stark” tags: weekly quote happiness Outernet: […]

Gravity Forms + FacetWP = Gravatar People

Having just finished presenting1 at NMC. I said we all need to document more, to show examples and explain what we did. Making the notes for the presentation last night and being able to use the blog posts I’d already written really showed me the value of reflecting on little things in an ongoing way. It’s amazing how much stuff I do that I completely forget even happened. So this is how you’d make a gravatar people browser based on information submitted via a Gravity Form.2 This image above shows the basic setup for the Gravity Form. Form fields essentially get combined with some HTML in the post body field. It’s pretty simple but it might help someone. This is the basic setup in FacetWP that generates the query and the display code. There are two elements. Element one is the query which tells which pieces of content you want. The second part is the display which shows the content that you’ve retrieved in whatever way you define. The text version for the FacetWP template is below. There’s also a dab of CSS. 1 Or at least talking in a room with humans in it. It was not of enough quality to justify the term presentation. I need to figure out why that felt so bad. 2 Could also do […]

Faster Faster NMC Notes

I’m doing Faster Nyan Cat!1 Build! Build! tomorrow at NMC so . . . I’d better get moving on linking all this madness into some sort of coherent story with examples. So take a deep breath and . . . go look at another webpage. This is going to be long. Consider it something between speaker notes, reference links, and that scene in A Beautiful Mind2 links everything together with string.3 Once Upon a Time There was a guy who didn’t know how to program but who had quite a few needs and even more odd dreams that he wanted to come true. He was from Alabama which made it perfectly acceptable to make things work with a combination of duct/duck tape and bailing wire (even high tech things). This is the story of how to do stuff like that. It isn’t best practice.4 It may not even be good practice.5 It is simply a way (that has worked) to get lots of work done quickly within the narrow confines of my skill set. Keep in mind, I did a presentation for NMC previously with Jim Groom entitled Nonprogramistan and with the URL /ihatecode.6 There’s also some SPLOT-ish connotations to some of this stuff- just making a one purpose tool that allows users to do one thing with no usernames/passwords […]


I am a Human (mostly)

Hopefully this video will introduce me to you and demonstrate my commitment to networked learning and a few of the many benefits I’ve seen as a result. It also shows my long-term commitment to these entwined tools and practices. If, for some reason,1 you want to investigate any of the sites referenced more deeply they’re linked below. my site on the wayback machine – peer into my thoughts from way back when and realize that the contents don’t vary too much the video that would not dieDated and probably only got that many views because of the soundtrack which almost certainly has copyright issues My Twitter archive – the LOC cares, so should you. A serious Diigo commitment DS106 – good times, good people- mind expanding in general My more (algorithmically) popular Flickr photos The parrot photo 1 Trust but verify.