Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Report: Florida man high on flakka has sex with tree and calls himself Thor | Miami Herald Miami Herald “The officer used a Taser, but Crowder, who pulled the electric probes from his body, then punched the officer and tried to stab the cop with his badge, according to the report. “ tags: florida weekly drugs Lost Friends Exhibition – The Historic New Orleans Collection “The “Lost Friends” column, which ran from the paper’s 1877 inception well into the first decade of the twentieth century, featured messages from individuals searching for loved ones lost in slavery.” tags: history slavery lost weekly newspaper The Archer’s Paradox in SLOW MOTION – Smarter Every Day 136 – YouTube I don’t think this is cognitive bias but it’s interesting. tags: bike bicycle weekly Education Outrage: Reading is no way to learn “I said that I had never actually read an instruction manual  and that they haven’t actually been around for very long in human history. When a young boy wanted to learn to hunt lions he didn’t read the instruction manual, nor did he take a class. Throughout human history we have learned by watching someone older than ourselves, trying to copy that person, trying to be part of the team, and then trying things for yourself, and asking for help when we have […]

MakerBot Troubleshooting

flickr photo shared by Creative Tools under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license We have a MakerBot Desktop 5th generation desktop printer. Because of some issues it was reset to factory conditions. That throws the firmware back to 1.0.something. When I tried to access it with the newest MakerBot Desktop (3.7) I could connect to the printer but all of the device options were greyed out so there was no way to update firmware (or do anything really). Instead of the name of the printer it showed the MAC address so it seemed the connection was good. I tried it on a PC running Windows 8 and on my Mac running 10.9. I power cycled the printer and the computers. I tried to connect via IP address but nothing worked. My next instinct was to try an older version of the MakerBot Desktop software. Incredibly, it seems that MakerBot doesn’t keep older versions of this software on their site.1 In the end I had to do a number of Google searches that removed makerbot.com from the search results. I went all the way back to the 3.1 version (get it here) and the connection worked perfectly. From there I updated the firmware. I then tried running 3.7 again but no dice. I uninstalled 3.7 and then went to try […]

Photography – Week 82

This nest is right outside my front door. My family is obsessed with them. I went to take their (the birds) picture again the other day and all four bailed out of the nest- just like little parachutists.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Creative Form & Input Field Design Examples — Medium tags: webdev weekly design webdesign forms form Roy Conway Thrasher, Rocket Scientist | Thrasher Family Association One of my neighbors in Huntsville. “During the height of the Cold War, Roy was required to call in and give a code at predetermined times. It is my understanding that Roy’s work and identity were so secret that a conference with him involved three adjoining secure hotel rooms: one for Roy, one for the party wishing to communicate with him, and, in between, one for a coordinating committee. Before any exchange of information, a ”need to know” and proper clearance had to be established. His supervisor told me that during this time even he couldn’t fully discuss Roy’s work.  Why? Roy knew more about the trajectory of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles than anyone in the free world. Roy could tell within seconds of a missile launch where it was going to hit! His formulation of algorithms to describe the actions of these weapons laid the foundation for the missile defense system – a major factor in the fall of the Soviet Union.  Roy worked alone. When offered staff he refused with the answer, “I’m a researcher, not an administrator.”” tags: rocket scientist alabama huntsville weekly McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Nobel Prize Winner Peter Higgs Regrets […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

This is a guide for instructing posthumans in Dadaism ” In such times Dada objects amuse everybody, and since these objects are (mostly) made collectively, they are a strong community bond. Amusement (of oneself and others) and the making of art communities are the goals of Dada. Dada is a priori against everything, including goals and itself, but this creative negation is very amusing and is meant to be shared. For one whole century, Dada has delighted in uncovering and using contradictions, paradoxes, and negations, the most important of which are: 1. most people read signs, Dadas make signs, and 2. most people are scared of scary faces, Dada makes scary faces.” “ tags: dada weekly ds106 thoughtvectors dadaism tweet Open Payments Data Doctors and their payments . . . tags: data medicine government Health Care Big Pharma weekly Texas alligator attack: Man killed in Orange County – CNN.com “”He removed his shirt, removed his billfold … someone shouted a warning and he said ‘blank the alligators’ “ tags: weekly alligator attack texas Six reasons the blanket octopus is my new favorite cephalopod | Deep Sea News ” Young female blanket octopuses literally rip the tentacles right off portuguese man-o-war jellies, and uses them like little octopus nunchuks. Octopuses hold onto these tentacles with their suckers, and the scientist who accidentally discovered this “experienced […]

Embed a Google Folder in Populr.me

We’ve had a few people who became big fans of populr.me. They’re also using Google Docs/Drive and since I like things to blend . . . here’s how you embed a Google Drive folder into populr.me. The example is here if you want to check it out. Getting That iFrame Stuff I started to write directions on how to do this but just built a little tool instead.