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In Spain, Entire Villages Are Up For Sale — And They’re Going Cheap : Parallels : NPR “Desperate times call for desperate measures, says Avelino Luis de Francisco Martinez, the mayor of Cortegada, a rural town in southern Galicia. An abandoned hamlet that’s part of his town isn’t for sale. He’s giving it away. “For free! Someone just has to promise to renovate the 12 ruined houses,” he says. “They’re beautiful — bucolic! Next to a river and an 18th century royal procession path.” The challenge? “We just need to find someone to live here in this century,” he says.” tags: weekly Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


Working My Sites Filter

So previously I was struggling with stripping out the Participants blogs that the bbPress/BuddyPress combo was adding to the My Sites list. I got it working and added a bit to deal with it kicking out blogs a little too aggressively. First to get the actual name of the Participant slug, I made a page template for a theme that only did one thing- listed the user roles array. It is dead simple and looks like so . . . Throwing that in a theme let me know that the slug for participant was actually bbp_participant. I spent a lot of time thinking I was doing something else wrong. I’m also not a huge fan of doing things this way in PHP. I wish I had the a console log option like in javascript.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Pessimism Is Good For You – Neatorama “The constant admonitions to “think positive!” aren’t as useful in achieving your goals as we once thought. Of course, fatalism isn’t much help, either. But tempering one’s optimism with a real-world dose of pessimism may do the trick.” I think people confuse pessimism with realism. tags: weekly pessimism optimism outlook These Shotgun Shells Are Made For Shooting Down Drones | Make: “We came up with the Drone Munition concept for a couple reasons.  It started in a discussion with some friends of ours who have an aerial based flying target solution (similar to a Quad-copter/drone).  They have been looking for a dedicated ammo product line that will work well for their training program and recreational shooting experience.  We applied the Drone Munition name with the marketing spin both to hit this target market, as well as to bring a discussion to light on the growing drone market. “ tags: drone weekly ammunition Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


Refining the My Sites List

The following plugin (network activated) will strip out all blogs from your My Sites list where you aren’t an admin. I cobbled it together from some stuff Mark did to generate a list of blogs for the Mother Blog plugin. While it would be great for me, it would not work all that well for other people on rampages. Part of this is being driven by the BuddyPress/bbPress decision to add any logged in member who visits any other blog as a “Participant.” I had something that was stopping this previously but it seems to have stopped working. So I thought I could just flip this a bit and make it do the opposite (kick out any blogs where I am a participant). It works fine for the normal roles but not for participant. I’m not sure why. Anyone have a clue? Special roles are accessed some other way? UPDATE Turns out the slug is bbp_participant. Pays to look more deeply.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

The Tiny Team Taking on a Massive Reform of Government IT — Backchannel — Medium ““If I hear one more person tell me I can’t use New Relic,” he said. “I’ll punch them in the face.”” tags: weekly Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It? | EdSurge News “This past year, Davidson College introduced “A Domain of One’s Own” to a portion of the student body through faculty willing to use it in their teaching. I saw two styles of ‘Domains’ rise out of the initiative. The first type of ‘Domain’ took audience into account, considering the implications of public scholarship, representation, and student agency. The second, in many ways, mirrored the traditional pedagogical structure by assigning papers or short answer assignments to be posted online through blogs. This is not necessarily bad, but also doesn’t necessarily empower. The problems with the second approach can be wrapped up into two key questions beginning with: Why post an assignment online if…” tags: weekly domain grading audience Animate your way to glory “This article is significantly longer than previous installments. It features 4 interactive slideshows, each introducing a new tool as well as related concepts around it. In one way, it’s just another math guide, but going much deeper. In another, it’s a thesis on everything I know about animating. […]

Another Google Sheets Tip – Find Non-Standard Characters

flickr photo shared by Lynn Friedman under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license We’re still messing with manipulating data in Google Sheets. I hate to think of humans going through and manually parsing things that the machine should do so I’m putting all this out in the hopes of saving someone somewhere some time. It’s also meant to help our internal people see how it works so it might be more broadly applied. In this case, we’re just looking for a line break and using that to cut out a chunk of text. This Stack Overflow post gave me the char(10) piece so I could find the line break. You can see the details above and more on unicode characters here. It’s broken in two pieces for clarity. Piece one finds the number of characters prior to the line break. The second piece takes that number of letters from the left. I find manipulating text in spreadsheets to be a constant and practical use of algebra.

Juxtaposing Woodcuts

I was fortunate to meet Claire Bourne from VCU’s English Department yesterday. In addition to all sorts of fun conversations around her upcoming course on Marlowe (and the WordPress site) and the FileMaker database she built to see more deeply into her research,1 Claire mentioned she was on Twitter (roaringgirle) which opened the door to yet another interesting world of people on Twitter. One of Claire’s tweets comparing two different, but very similar, woodcuts did catch my eye as an interesting target for Juxtapose. woodcut on this 18c TITUS ballad = copy of one on TP of 1 IRON AGE (1632) | Misc 289783, Huntington via @EBBA_Ballads pic.twitter.com/e1EJYqFz1c — claire m. l. bourne (@roaringgirle) August 13, 2015 It took a few minutes to cut/paste into PhotoShop. I then resized them so they were roughly the same size. Despite their aspect ratios being a bit off, I think it turned out well. I also opted to do the vertical scrolling option as I felt it made it easier to see the differences than the horizontal option. Nothing fancy but a solid way we can look at media in a way that helps drive understanding. 1 How awesome is that? I also had fun reminiscing FileMaker was something I spent a lot of time with back in the day.


flickr photo shared by CraigMoulding under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license Just two little functions in Google Sheets that came up as we tried to quickly pull comments from a blog for some other work. It was an odd scenario but the techniques should have other useful applications. IMPORTFEED The function below pulls my 10 most recent comments into a spreadsheet. You can set it to pull more but will also need to change the number of items in your RSS feed. You can find that setting under Settings>Reading. It’ll work on any RSS feed and there are a variety of other IMPORT functions that are worth checking out. This could be a useful option if you wanted to analyze the comments in one place or if you wanted to look a bit more deeply at comments on sites you don’t control. 1 1 I had to switch this to code because copy/paste led to issues with quotes messing up the formula.