Photography – Week 91

A super weak photography week. I almost opted not to post anything but figured this might motivate me to elevate my game this week. My excuse was a crazy 24hr run to Texas for consulting work mid-week with both my arrivals happening after midnight. I also tend not to photograph much when I’m doing consulting because I’m stressed out and cursing myself for agreeing to do consulting work.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

When we say “lifetime” . . . “First off, it’s important to understand that when we offered ‘lifetime’ support for a product; this referred to the lifetime of the product. As you’ve seen previously, we’ve retired products. That’s because these products, at some stage, become no longer viable or sustainable, and we can’t justify spending time on improving that product.” tags: weekly promises words woo Determine your eligibility – What you need to visit Canada as a tourist “The following travel documents are not considered reliable. You cannot use them to enter Canada: passports supposedly issued by Somalia,” tags: weekly Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit: China’s laws have encouraged the hit to kill phenomenon. “Most people agree that the hit-to-kill phenomenon stems at least in part from perverse laws on victim compensation. In China the compensation for killing a victim in a traffic accident is relatively small—amounts typically range from $30,000 to $50,000—and once payment is made, the matter is over. By contrast, paying for lifetime care for a disabled survivor can run into the millions. The Chinese press recently described how one disabled man received about $400,000 for the first 23 years of his care. Drivers who decide to hit-and-kill do so because killing is far more economical. Indeed, Zhao Xiao Cheng—the man caught on […]