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How Early Academic Training Retards Intellectual Development | Psychology Today “Intellectual skills, in contrast, have to do with a person’s ways of reasoning, hypothesizing, exploring, understanding, and, in general, making sense of the world.  Every child is, by nature, an intellectual being–a curious, sense-making person, who is continuously seeking to understand his or her physical and social environments.  Each child is born with such skills and develops them further, in his or her own ways, through observing, exploring, playing, and questioning.  Attempts to teach intellectual skills directly inevitably fail, because each child must develop them in his or her own way, through his or her own self-initiated activities.  But adults can influence that development through the environments they provide.  “ tags: weekly intellectual learning academic dy/dan » Blog Archive » Marbleslides Is Here “Delight. Whenever possible we want students to experience the same sense of delight about math that all of us at Desmos feel. Students can experience that delight both in pure and applied contexts and Marbleslides is that latter experience. Seriously, try not to grin.” tags: weekly education delight math tools desmos THE IMPOSSIBLE COOL. ““This is the fast lane, folks…and some of us like it here.” Hunter S. Thompson.” tags: weekly quote thompson Everyday Systems: Systematic Moderation for sustainable good habits confirmation for my pre-held beliefs about […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

http://www.slu.edu/Documents/law/Law%20Journal/Archives/LJ56-2_Mason_Article.pdf Legal analysis of 99 problems tags: law rap jay-z 99 legal weekly How well do you really know your country? Take our quiz | World news | The Guardian tags: sociology nation knowledge perception weekly country Zofia Rydet | Sociological Record ” when Rydet was 67—when she began to work on what would become her magnum opus: the Sociological Record, a sweepingly comprehensive photographic “portrait” of Polish domestic life that would come to span decades, regions, and even countries. “ tags: photography sociology weekly Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


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Color Thief is a slick javascript that grabs a color palette from images. I found it after talking to an art professor who was looking to help future art teachers reflect on their work in different ways. Color palettes seemed an interesting way to get at that. I was talking to Larry about this earlier and he wanted to look at color usage for ads in different magazines. I didn’t have any handy but thought I’d throw a few other websites in the mix and see what they look like. It opens up some interesting ways to look at all sorts of visual elements. I don’t know if it necessarily means anything but it provides you the opportunity to argue one way or another. It’d be a fun way to look at ads for toys and the whole gender thing. To make it accessible to people, I made a WordPress plugin. The NRA I was interested in the caucasian flesh tone. I hadn’t noticed that all but one1 of the people were white prior to seeing that. Garden & Gun (Larry’s suggestion) CNN How’s it work? It took a bit to get somewhere decent-ish mainly because I spent some time solving a problem that didn’t exist.2 If you’ll look at the comments below, it’s chunked out and described. If you […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Snowball | A powerful WordPress plugin for creating immersive longform articles for the web Need to give this a try. tags: wordpress plugin journalism longform weekly Dave Chappelle is creating ‘no-phone zone’ for Chicago shows – NY Daily News So many things . . . “Attendees at any of Chappelle’s 13 sold-out Thalia Hall performances will be greeted by staffers handing out gray smartphone sleeves, available in three sizes. They are then instructed to place their phones inside the sleeves and fasten them, at which point they are welcome to carry them inside the venue. As soon as they enter the “no-phone zone,” however, the pouches will have locked shut via wireless signal,” ” And the service, which is already being employed by various schools around the country, can easily extend to other sensitive entertainment events “ tags: weekly phone culture education socialmedia Why Do Some People Find Deepak Chopra Quotes Deep And Not Dung? – Forbes “To reach their conclusions, the authors conducted a series of studies in which they presented participants with sentences that had recognizable English syntax but were simply a series of randomly organized buzzwords. Examples of these pseudo-profound statements include “Hidden meaning transforms unparalleled abstract beauty,” a totally meaningless sentence that appears to be profound because it uses buzzwords like “hidden” and “transforms” and “abstract” […]