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Captain Literally, Part 1 – Studio C – YouTube tags: literally literal comedy English video tweet weekly Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

DIY Bunk Bed Construction

Like the music post a while back, I’m not going to attempt to tie this to education in any way. I’ll start this off with a caveat similar to my posts on programming . . . I’m just a guy trying to do stuff. Almost all of it is on the very edge of, perhaps a bit beyond, my competency levels. It is not unlikely that I will either say something that’s a bad idea or document something poorly. You have been warned. To set the stage, I have four kids. We have three bedrooms so the youngest two share a room. It’s not a huge room so bunk beds have been a topic of conversation for a while. I decided I’d talked enough over Winter Break and decided to make them. I have little woodworking experience. To the point that I’m not even sure if people call this woodworking. Carpentry maybe? I’m probably doing something like calling heating up pre-made cookie dough baking . . . Full disclosure, I have a table saw1 and a circular saw. I put in hardwood floors in our first house. I used floor glue instead of nails.2 I built a gate for that house as well. It weighed roughly 600 lbs and could withstand the charge of a bull elephant. It was a […]

Request: Pages to Gallery Page

I’m trying to do a better job documenting how to do some of the things people ask me to do. I’m doing it anyway, might as well do the documentation and share the love. This was request to make a gallery page from/for a series of interviews on listening for a music appreciation course conducted by the wonderful Steve Ashby. This particular series was done in pages and, very helpfully, they were all child-pages of a particular parent-page which makes this really very easy.1 The page-list plugin will make this very easy.2 I think it was one that Alan pointed out at sometime in the past. In any case, I can see the parameters for the shortcode here. We want all the child-pages and to show some sort of image. All we need to make that happen is this shortcode [pagelist_ext show_first_image=”1″] on the parent-page. Presto, we get what you see below (or at this link towards the bottom of the page). All in all, less than 10 minutes of work including writing this post. 1 If they’d been posts instead of pages I could have done something very, very similar with list category posts plugin. If they weren’t organized by category or by parent-child relationship, I would have been sad. 2 If you know it exists.

Weaving Tangled Webs

This is why things are more difficult than they might be . . . a story of why I have no idea about anything or maybe it’s a parable of complexity and human frailty. In the beginning, we created a WordPress Multisite install and turned on BuddyPress. To make the groups works correctly we network activated bbPress. As a result, anyone logged into their accounts who visited any other rampages site became a Participant of that site (a bbPress user role that allows forum participation). People got very nervous about people being in their user roles. Other people became very unhappy their My Sites list had too many sites. I had to figure out two things as a result. First, I needed to stop auto-Participant association. I eventually found a way to do that but I still had to deal with the stuff that already happened. The right way to do it was to delete the users who were participants across the multisite. But . . . at that time we couldn’t access our database through anything but php myadmin and it wouldn’t run because the database was too big. So I had to treat the problem and strip the sites from the displayed list. Fast forward a year or so. At this point, we were able to turn off […]

Footprints leading to the horizon in the snow.

Photography – Week 110

You might have heard. We had some snow. We don’t have much for hills around here. My neighborhood was likely a swamp in the recent past. The mound of snow you can see in two of the shots represents quite a lot of shoveling on my part.

WordPress for Syllabus Submission

This post is specifically about addressing a syllabus submission problem but it’s worth thinking about more broadly. It should be pretty applicable to any structured data entry problem you have. These are often administrative chores (like this one) but could also be about cataloging grave markers or indexing resources or Collecting the syllabi for their department is one of those miserable things department chairs often have to do. They then need to store and reference those syllabi for a few years.1 The normal pattern is to ask people to email the syllabus and there is usually some desperate plea for a common naming convention.2 This plea is followed by ~2 people. People are bad at directions (giving and following). Email makes this basic flaw 20 times worse.3 This particular pattern for misery incarnate is repeated over and over at VCU and across universities everywhere. I recently met with a faculty member who’d at least been asked to submit the syllabus to a shared Google Drive folder but he was having issues because of directions and Google’s interface for this kind of thing being not what it might be. The department chair was also stuck with the naming convention falling apart already and they only had about 8 syllabi in there. Please don’t do that. It’s best to avoid directions as […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Flickr Commons – Going Strong! | Library of Congress Blog “Most weeks, we post old news photographs that have incomplete and even erroneous titles. The steady addition of informative comments remains much appreciated, and we have folded almost 9,000 updated photo captions back into our own online catalog. The rapid deciphering of “Mystery Photos” that had no title at all is also very impressive!” tags: commons flickr congress weekly collaboration Deal from strength or get crushed every time | MetaFilter “Deal from strength or get crushed every time” the Trump song tags: america trump strange song weekly tweet Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Put The Events Calendar Month View on Your Homepage

Because I’ve been messing with The Events Calendar for the RVArts project, along came another conversation where that plugin seemed like a good answer. It answered all their needs except for one – the wanted to have the month view of events be the homepage for the site. I knew that didn’t happen natively but I figured I could do it. The first step is to create a custom page template. There are a number of tutorials on how to do that. I usually just duplicate the page template for the theme I’m using as a parent and go from there. The one I’m using is below. The Events Calendar has this nice function (tribe_show_month) which’ll pull the month’s data by default. That’ll get you something that looks like below (depending on your theme). It’s the right content but it’s not applying the same CSS/JS that’s on the regular month view. You could go in and rewrite CSS and JS etc. but that would suck for this particular project. It turns out you have to enqueue the right stuff and this post was so very helpful in telling what to enqueue. I updated it to the newer functions and presto everything worked just like the normal month events view. It goes into my child theme’s functions.php. This particular version only […]


Random Rap Songs for @brlamb

A pretty wide departure from the normal stuff on this site1 but after spending some time with the esteemed Bryan Lamb I thought it’d be fun to share some random rap songs. I’m sure all of these songs curse. Most are offensive. Some are just bad but I still like them for various reasons. I have no idea how bad/good the videos are as I didn’t see most of them. You’ve been warned. This will be the cleanest song in the list. “They call me the Hip-Hopapotamus Flows that glow like phosphorous Poppin’ off the top of this esophagus Rockin’ this metropolis I’m not a large water-dwelling mammal Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?” While I usually think police are coming up behind me, I do know all the words. About 1:29 was when it got really good. I can’t find anything clean enough to quote. Tu Pac. 1:23 ish – “something’s evil in my IV . . . ” I always thought this song was called Cadillac Doors. From 2 Fast 2 Furious the soundtrack but the I was way too happy with the lines “I’m like this corner I gotta stay bent/ I need every quarter I gotta pay rent.” “I take breath, the opposite of primateen mist” Niki Minaj’s lines are classic. “Yeah I’m in that […]