WordPress Reverse List a Particular Category

I often get requests from instructors that ask me to get WordPress to behave in a way that’s just different enough that WordPress fights them. Now that I can mostly program, I could make quick child themes to deal with this but that causes me the hassle of keeping all that stuff straight so I still do some quick and dirty stuff with plugins. This example is based on an instructor who wanted one particular category (lesson plans) to list from oldest to newest rather than the default WP blog layout of newest to oldest. That’s a pretty easy thing to do if you use the List Category Post plugin. Once you’ve got the plugin on and you’ve found the category id (mouse over the category when you’re in Dashboard>Categories and look for id= in the URL at the bottom of the page) all you need to do is put in [catlist id=9 numberposts=-1 order=asc] In this case, it says get the posts in the category with id 9, -1 means get all of them, and order them from lowest to highest/ or oldest/newest. That’s it. I’ve now got a page that shows all 41 lesson plans from oldest to newest and no child theme to keep track of.

RVArts – Dealing with Dates in WordPress

We have an awesome general education course starting this semester called Cultural Passport (aka RVArts). The goal is to get students involved with the community’s cultural events – participating, promoting, reviewing them. The web side of this ends up being pretty interesting. See their video below for more details on the course. When we started this conversation last year, I thought I was going to go the Gravity Form submission route1 and use a js library to make it possible to add the events to various calendars. Like most projects, particulars shifted and we started changing things pretty radically right before winter break. We ended up shooting for full WordPress editor access for students to create events and the desire to write three different types of responses (interviews, reviews, and features) that would be associated with a specific event. Also, like most projects, this was all a bit beyond what I’d ever done before. I started off thinking I’d create a custom post type for events. I was trying to make up my mind between using Advanced Custom Fields and CMB to help do that when I realized I hadn’t really thought about repeat events. The complexities involved there really made me rethink my decision to do this from scratch. After that I started trying various plugins and eventually decided […]


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Between the Words – C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux data viz posters showing only the punctuation from famous novels tags: punctuation english weekly A primer on the damaging movement to privatize public schools – The Washington Post “If challenged, test fans often quote the late Dr. W. Edward Deming, the world-famous quality guru who showed Japanese companies how to build better stuff than anybody else. In his book, “The New Economics,” Deming wrote, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Here’s the whole sentence as he wrote it: “It is wrong to suppose that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it — a costly myth.” “ tags: weekly education quote Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Photography – Week 106, 107, 108?

I have no idea what week I’m on. Winter break was a bit chaotic for me. A quick drive to see my parents in Alabama.1 I was then solo with the kids for about a week. While she was gone I managed to build a fairly decent bunk bed- a first for me. This was complicated by some licensing issues with Lightroom thanks to my ill-fated El Capitan upgrade that took a full uninstall of all my Adobe products to fix. . .  I do not do well when I break these types of routines as my attachment to time and space is only tenuous at the best of times. In any case, many pictures were taken and lots of them were from the car.   1 Can any 12 hr drive be considered quick?


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Falcons imprison live birds to keep them fresh for a later meal | New Scientist tags: falcons birds meal biology weekly Your Speech Is Packed With Misunderstood, Unconscious Messages – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus “designers of synthesized voice systems have begun experimenting with the insertion of naturalistic disfluencies into artificial speech.” tags: future human weekly How to Design A Modern Office Space for Optimism “When you look around an office, nine times out of 10 you can tell if it was designed for fear. How does fear manifest in space? High walls. No windows. Closed spaces. By extracting management from the doers and makers of the company, there’s plausible deniability. When conversation is inhibited by high-walled cubicles, information is controlled. And to effectively instill fear in office culture, you have to control information. You have to make sure teams are segmented into departments, information is transmitted linearly and power is centralized.” tags: spaces learning office design weekly Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


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Literally Unbelievable » “Merry Christmas!” We really don’t understand numbers. tags: numbers math truth lies reality weekly Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.