Bucharest Ripples

I’ve continued to mess around repairing some of the photos from the Costica Ascinte Flickr account. I got the following email from one of the Costica Ascinte account members.

Hi Tom
Following your example, I’ve tried to repair one of Acsinte’s pic too:
this one and the original:

Take care,
Cezar Popescu

It’d be easy to write this off as just the way the Internet works but it is still strange that my random actions have any impact on anyone let alone someone in Bucharest. I’m also improving slowly at repair work in Photoshop. I had no idea what the patch tool did before this. It’s fairly handy. I also finally figured out that I can flip an individual selected item by selecting transform (command T) and then right click (ctrl click) and flip horizontal. None of it’s rocket science by any means but it all aggregates.



repair work2