cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by hjhipster After being inspired by William Berry’s interesting idea around making current event memes I decided to sketch out an idea I’ve been thinking about for a long time but never got around to. Scottish psychologists, after failing to find evidence that humans could see […]

State of the Union Address Tag Cloud

I thought we posted on this last year.  Jason Griffey takes The State of the Union address and remixes the top 75 words into a tag cloud.  Now that he’s done it two years in a row, it could be an interesting look at the state of affairs over the last two years. 2008 Address […]


Reading of Constitution/Declaration

Debra Jean Dean, a voiceover artist, has released a creative commons reading of both The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.  Beautifully read, totally free to share, cut, and remix with attribution. The Constitution The Declaration via BoingBoing