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Headless(-ish) WordPress Example

This is a bit of an odd one but possibly odd enough to be interesting. The Scenario We can’t run WordPress on the University servers but we’ve got a bunch of people who have content on WordPress and like that editing experience. They also want VCU domains which are much harder to get for off-site servers. The Proposal What if we take one of those sites and see what we can do with the REST API data in a headless1 HTML/JS/CSS only environment? I also wanted to keep it out of Vue or other larger javascript frameworks so it’d be less abstract to explain. At this point I am unsure that was a great choice but I can make a different choice next time. More Details The faculty member already had a WordPress site. It had a bunch of pages and had no posts. The faculty member also wanted the header image to change on various pages and for a sub-menu to be created on certain pages. The Proof of Concept – Step One HTML Shell I opted to sketch out the HTML portion loosely with Bootstrap 4. Initially, I’d gone to one of the HTML5Up templates but pulled back as it added a chunk more complexity than I needed initially. Plus, I knew Matt was going to handle taking […]

Random Re-Connection via Twitter

@twoodwar is this the T Woodward I I knew in Cola, SC?!?! I'm still recovering from those suicide kicks! #greengate pic.twitter.com/4HTaNHEi2N — auz1111 (@auz1111) April 7, 2017 That is me- back row, partially obscured (and not just by the camo). Pretty wild that John found me somehow and that we’re both involved in WordPress and web design stuff. It led me to look up another guy from that photo and a few seconds later . . . presto. He was even using that same picture as his avatar (because, as it turns out, they had a bet on who could find me on the Internets). Not world shaking but a fun connection to the past (30-ish years ago!) and one that inspired a bit of digital wandering. I’m relatively sure this is my house back in 5th/6th grade but I’m not entirely sure. I mainly identified it by the creek visible in the map view. I probably spent more time there than in the house. That’d definitely the pond where I used to fish and catch baby turtles (something of a family tradition now). I went to E.L. Wright M.S. before we moved to the hell that was 7th grade in Huntsville, Alabama’s creatively-named Huntsville Middle School.


A Bit More on the Personal API

Keep trying to growths “personal API” stuff, but it feels like a strained replacement for “organization”. https://t.co/A6i2HUF44c — Area Man (@xwordy) April 19, 2016 The tweet above and Alan’s comment on the post (below) and figured I haven’t really made a chunk of why I’m doing this clear or even what I’m doing clear. I’m probably a mix of more-middle-of-the-road and ambitious than I’ve been able to articulate so far. I declare no holy war. This is more a journey of self-improvement but I’m hoping the destination will be far more interesting than Chicken Soup for the Soul. I like the idea of establishing some sort of importance/urgency level to your list, but to me, it’s a bit binary (reclaim or “let it burn”). I still maintain there’s a fair bit of room in the middle ground. When Boone Gorges and D’Arcy Norman did their aggressive acts of Reclaiming a few years back, my thought was “That’s impressive” as well as “That looks like a lot of work”. See, I would rather take, edit, and share my photos than maintain my own flickr wanna be in WordPress or whatever. And there is the loss of potential social interaction you give up when you do a total reclaim, as happened when people went to Trovebox. I am content to store 44,000+ […]

Pushing/Pulling Data – Thinking Computationally? Differently? #IndieEdTech?

This post is going to be a bit like my head- a jumbled mass of things that are interconnected in my head but may not make any sense to anyone else. But what else is a blog for but for getting a better idea of what’s in your own head? Blogging in General The group I’m a part of (ALT Lab) has been struggling with blogging for a while now. We were/are aiming for a post a week for each member of the group. It’s not easy for many of us.1 It’s a pattern I’ve seen with lots of organizations and lots of individuals. You’ll have the usual pattern that varies somewhere between not knowing what to say, not having anything worth saying etc. The end result is that people don’t write. If you talk to them they’ll have a million things that would be interesting to read and that would be “worth” sharing. Maybe not having time gets referenced but given it’s a desired piece of our work, that’s not our issue. It feels mainly like it’s a holdover from time in formal education. Writing ends up becoming something done for an omniscient expert who will pass judgement on thee. It happens to me at times- both time limits and wondering if there’s any audience or purpose to what […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Orthoprint, or How I Open-Sourced My Face | Amos Dudley tags: 3d printing teeth dentistry weekly Joe Freedman’s Amazing Cycloid Drawing Machine – YouTube tags: art engineering math make maker weekly An Infantryman Learns To Code — Inside DigitalOcean — Medium I wonder how often this opportunity is there but the person isn’t . . . seems like the very definition of computational thinking. “In the end, the tool was very crude but accomplished something very useful: It had a flow that ensured all the reports required by people on the ground, and above, were sent in a timely and orderly manner. Each step of that flow was almost entirely automated. Each button filled a template and put the text in the clipboard for copy-pasting in the chat. Events were timed automatically. Distances and time of travel were computed automatically. A dropdown menu facilitated entering common values. Big warning signs were visible when a time critical step was ongoing, or some important data was missing.” tags: programming computationalthinking compthink weekly thoughtvectors Everything Is Crumbling ~ Stephen Downes “We see an awful lot in our field about what “the research tells us”, typically stated in such a way as to suggest we are charlatans if we don’t go along with it. I see this a lot, on a daily basis. “The […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

What Makes Software Good? — Medium ““Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design.” This implies, for one, that good documentation does not excuse bad design. You can ask people to RTFM, but it is folly to assume they have read everything and memorized every detail. The clarity of examples, and the software’s decipherability and debuggability in the real world, are likely far more important. Form must communicate function.” tags: weekly education apply facdev software Chinese father hires virtual hitman to ‘kill’ son in online games – so he will get a job | Daily Mail Online “A Chinese man concerned about his unemployed son’s gaming addiction hired online hitmen to ‘kill’ his avatar. “ tags: weekly The New Aesthetic — There’s Something Fishy About The Other Nefertiti… ” Perhaps the file was obtained from someone involved in printing the reproduction, or it was a scan made of the reproduction? Indeed, the common belief in online 3D Printing community chatter is that the Kinect “story” is a fabrication to hide the fact that the model was actually stolen data from a commercial high quality scan. If the artists were behind a server hack, the legal ramifications for them are much more serious than scanning the object, which has […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Text Visualization Browser tags: dataviz text weekly survey New Weapon in Day Laborers’ Fight Against Wage Theft: A Smartphone App – The New York Times “After three years of planning, an immigrant rights group in Jackson Heights is set to start a smartphone app for day laborers, a new digital tool with many uses: Workers will be able to rate employers (think Yelp or Uber), log their hours and wages, take pictures of job sites and help identify, down to the color and make of a car, employers with a history of withholding wages. They will also be able to send instant alerts to other workers. The advocacy group will safeguard the information and work with lawyers to negotiate payment.” tags: app weekly sociology Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

“I wear a stethoscope so that in a medical emergency I can teach people a valuable lesson about assumptions.” tags: assumptions weekly Like This So I Know I’m Real | Hazlitt “For my own peace of mind, I recently did a massive Twitter purge. Usually, this undertaking is a pragmatic one: A prioritization of voices to quell the overall noise. In my case, though, it was a matter of neurotic self-preservation. I know that there are all sorts of complicated reasons why people get ignored on Twitter, ranging from safety concerns to finer points of identity. I know the difference between exclusion and rejection. I also fully get that some people are so inundated that they can’t possibly respond to each and every query; this is the readily apparent nature of Twitter hierarchy. And there’s a vast sense of entitlement in thinking that anyone should engage with you. But we’ve all had the experience of finding out that a peer has unfollowed us, or felt rebuffed after trying to strike up a conversation and failing. It’s not a good feeling. And it’s in the very DNA of social media.” tags: socialmedia social twitter weekly purge Searching for examples — Medium An interesting pattern to think about as we try to capture examples at larger and larger scales tags: github scale blocks data […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

MCAFEE: I’ll decrypt San Bernardino phone free – Business Insider “Cyberscience is not just something you can learn. It is an innate talent. The Juilliard School of Music cannot create a Mozart. A Mozart or a Bach, much like our modern hacking community, is genetically created. A room full of Stanford computer science graduates cannot compete with a true hacker without even a high-school education.” tags: weekly education innate Building Concentric Circles with Nice Color Palettes For Fun and Science – The Media Temple Blog one of those pretty explorations across a variety of webdev/design/thoughtvector-ish fields tags: circles color webdev design weekly Try WorkFlowy Instantly slick tag based sorting features which open up some interesting options tags: tool todo list workflow weekly A Mathematician’s Lament ““Of course!” he reassures himself, “No society would ever reduce such a beautiful and meaningful art form to something so mindless and trivial; no culture could be so cruel to its children as to deprive them of such a natural,satisfying means of human expression. How absurd!”h/t thinkthankthunk tags: education math music programming weekly Ruth Goodman’s How to Be a Tudor, reviewed. “As a sort of control, a colleague of Goodman’s experimented with showering every day while wearing the same clothes, unwashed, for several months, and “the smell was overpowering.” Therefore, Goodman concludes, “the 16th-century belief […]


Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk “But the fanfic people were doing something very different. They had converged on a set of elaborate tagging conventions that allowed them to turn Delicious into a custom search engine for fanfic.” “In my foolishness I asked, “Could you make me a list of those features? I’ll take a look, maybe some of it is easy to implement.” Oh yes, they could make make a list. I had summoned a very friendly Balrog.” “Here I’ve shown a paragraph where someone asks me if I can build a user search feature, and I reply at length about why that’s not trivial. At that point someone decides that it’s easier for them to just go build the feature on the spot. They set up a little app in Heroku that mapped Pinboard usernames to Delicious usernames. In the time it took me to explain why I couldn’t build the feature, someone did it for me and stuck a hyperlink into this document that is spiraling out of control.” @ddmeyer The other interesting analogy to the MTBoS I like is pinboard/fanfic: https://t.co/q9XVxshFUs tags: #fav folksonomy tagging fan construction weekly tag knowledge structure bookmarks thoughtvectors fanfic The Echo Chamber “how do folks continue to ignore facts? How have people’s viewpoints become so insular and isolated that any […]