The Tyranny of Stuctureless “but too great a diversity among members of a task-oriented group means only that they continually misunderstand each other. Such diverse people interpret words and actions differently. They have different expectations about each other’s behavior and judge the results according to different criteria. If everyone knows everyone else well enough to… Read More

Hong Kong anti-litter campaign swipes DNA from trash, uses it to create mugshots of suspected litterers – Boing Boing “The agency tapped Parabon NanoLabs to do DNA testing on bits of trash found on the street, such as coffee cups and cigarette butts. The company then used Snapshot DNA phenotyping to produce a sketch of… Read More

The Unbearable Horror of Corporate Instagram Hashtags — Matter — Medium tags: hashtag socialmedia media ads marketing weekly instagram Alcor: FAQ – Basic “Q: If cryonics works for me, won’t all my friends and relatives be dead? A: This depends on many factors, including when you are cryopreserved, how long you spend in cryopreservation, how… Read More

In the Library with the Lead Pipe » Randall Munroe’s What If as a Test Case for Open Access in Popular Culture “Munroe’s teasing links to conspiracy sites also hint that he is well aware of the need to evaluate information for accuracy and confident in his ability to do so. He makes an effort… Read More

Google Sends Reporter a GIF Instead of a ‘No Comment’ | WIRED “This adorable animated GIF is apparently the official answer Google sent to a Daily Dot reporter in response to his seeming scoop on a new YouTube livestreaming plan. “ tags: gif comment wired news change culture weekly The Architecture of a Data Visualization… Read More

This is why you shouldn’t believe that exciting new medical study – Vox “In 2003, researchers writing in the American Journal of Medicine discovered something that should change how you think about medical news. They looked at 101 studies published in top scientific journals between 1979 and 1983 that claimed a new therapy or medical… Read More

Education Outrage: In education, the goal should not be test scores but happiness “Teaching history in school usually spreads propaganda, typically about how great one’s country is.” tags: weekly history quote schrank Millennium Camera Documents Next 1,000 Years Of Change “The camera, which is a relatively simple construct similar to a pinhole camera, is designed… Read More

Google Feud h/t Michael Price tags: weekly culture society google 3D Printers Create Fancy Future Crackers That Sprout Into A Mini Salad “Food Designer Chloé Rutzerveld believes 3D printing will revolutionize the food industry, and she is getting the ball rolling by developing a 3D printed cracker that consists of living organisms such as seeds,… Read More

emulsifier on Vimeo h/t boing boing tags: perspective art fish bird weekly Vimeo Reddit and suicide intervention: How social media is changing the cry for help, and the answer. “Now, nearly 35,000 people are subscribed to SuicideWatch. Related subreddit, or sub, StopSelfHarm has 4,500 members; MakeMeFeelBetter has 15,000; the depression sub, which shares some moderators… Read More