Photography – Week 106, 107, 108?

I have no idea what week I’m on. Winter break was a bit chaotic for me. A quick drive to see my parents in Alabama.1 I was then solo with the kids for about a week. While she was gone I managed to build a fairly decent bunk bed- a first for me. This was complicated by some licensing issues with Lightroom thanks to my ill-fated El Capitan upgrade that took a full uninstall of all my Adobe products to fix. . .  I do not do well when I break these types of routines as my attachment to time and space is only tenuous at the best of times. In any case, many pictures were taken and lots of them were from the car.   1 Can any 12 hr drive be considered quick?

Photography – Week 100

This should have been something more impressive given it’s week 100 but life intervenes. I do think I’ll have some unique stuff coming up as I hit Open Ed and get to visit Brian Lamb at TRU. 

Photography – Week 97

I’ve shot the Richmond Zombie Walk for the last few years and have used a few different lenses. This year I opted for the 85mm and went super shallow at 1.2. That made for some really interesting shots but also resulted in a large number of missed shots. The 85 is slow to focus and it needs a couple of feet to focus. The zombies had the tendency to lunge in too close and/or at the last minute. Even with those misses, I like how many of the shots turned out and I remain amazed by how much work and skill goes into many of the costumes. He was filming his son with a camera on a selfie-stick. He was so happy. The Straw Man who was part of the Wizard of Oz group which was an entirely impressive group. Seeing zombie parents with their children was odd. I think this guy was driving the car that was responsible for the traffic jam I was in. He looked lost amongst the police and wreckage. Traffic started moving before I could try another shot.