Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-04-12

Kanban Project Management Software – KanboardKanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software. ‘Harry Potter’ Wedding Story Is Fake: Meet the ‘Troll Handbook’ Author“My dad used to troll Saved by the Bell message boards in the 1990s, pretending to be some kind of corporate shill ‘Screech’ character reminding the kids to stay in school and not do drugs.” Just how does Kidz Bop censor songs?Kidz Bop songs exist in a weird parallel universe, one where Lizzo’s famous line “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch” turns into “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that kid.” Sure, you expect profanity to be censored, but some of the swaps are giggle-inducing gems and travesties. So, we wanted to see if we could find patterns in the black-barred words — R.I.P. to our Spotify account algorithms. (See the “bad word” methodology). Integrate your data, APIs, and cloud services in minutes – PipedreamThe integration platform built for developers Develop any workflow, based on any trigger. Workflows are code, which you can run for free. No server or cloud resources to manage. TIC-80 tiny computerTIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games. There are built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-04-05

Elizabeth Archer on Twitter: “To whomever is chalking names and descriptions of trees on the pavements across Walthamstow. I love you. This made my heart sing today. https://t.co/6lmauYeQVD” / Twitter Education Outrage: Please don’t ruin online learning because teachers don’t know how to do itWhen we go back to thinking about online education, please don’t try to replicate the classroom. Try to replicate real life. We Make Our Own Luck Here – Ciara Redmond Art By exploring and modifying the genetics of a plant to create a ‘lucky’ specimen we can play with the ideas of fate and destiny, whether they be genetic or supernatural. How People Read Online: New and Old FindingsWe’ve been saying this since 1997: People rarely read online — they’re far more likely to scan than read word for word. That’s one fundamental truth of online information-seeking behavior that hasn’t changed in 23 years and which has substantial implications for how we create digital content.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-03-29

Leonardo What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper ShortageGeorgia-Pacific, a leading toilet paper manufacturer based in Atlanta, estimates that the average household will use 40% more toilet paper than usual if all of its members are staying home around the clock. That’s a huge leap in demand for a product whose supply chain is predicated on the assumption that demand is essentially constant. It’s one that won’t fully subside even when people stop hoarding or panic-buying. SOUR ‘????? (Hibi no neiro)’ – YouTubeI always end up looking for this video and it takes me a while to find it. Now you’ve seen it to.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-03-22

We All Know Photography is MagicAn extension of photography is magic. Videoconferencing Alternatives: How Low-Bandwidth Teaching Will Save Us All | IDDblog: Instructional Design Tips, Advice, & Trends for Online & Distance Learning | Educational Technology and Online Course Design Help


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-03-15

The Story Behind Alexis Pereira’s Viral Essay Twitter JokeAfter he and several other big accounts realize it’s a spoof, a new debate emerges about whether or not jokes about professors are okay. A college professor who thought it was funny debates a Marxist-Leninist writer in my replies about whether satire is permissible. ink – inkle’s narrative scripting languageIf you’re new to ink, why not download Inky, our ink editor that allows you to play and test your stories. Eliot Higgins on Twitter: “Because I’m a massive verification nerd who hates fun, here’s a little thread on geolocating these photos that people are claiming aren’t from Venice. https://t.co/qBreekKI7c” / Twitter ACLU Apps to Record Police Conduct | American Civil Liberties UnionMobile Justice Virginia is a smartphone app that will empower Virginians to record police and hold them accountable for their actions. Record, report, witness, and Know Your Rights – all on your phone! Shortcuts can now activate video recording on your iPhone during a traffic stopPetersen’s command “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” will pause music if it’s playing, turn down the brightness, turn on “Do Not Disturb” and sends a message to a chosen contact. It then activates the video recording on the front camera. CORontine Corps – A Dance Community Project Coronavirus awareness icons


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-03-08

Tone.jsTone.js is a framework for creating interactive music in the browser. It provides advanced scheduling capabilities, synths and effects, and intuitive musical abstractions built on top of the Web Audio API. How to Create an Online Classroom | Stanford Online High SchoolStanford Online High School has been successfully educating students online through an innovative virtual classroom model since 2006. For schools exploring online learning in case of temporary closures, this webpage provides free resources and considerations for effective remote teaching and learning.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-03-01

SVG ANIMATIONS Mapping coronavirus, responsiblyThe map is using totals (absolute values) as its raw data. There are very very few golden rules in cartography but this is one of them: you cannot map totals using a choropleth thematic mapping technique. Oregon Engineer Makes History With New Traffic Light Timing Formula – Institute for JusticeMats’s work was generally met with interest, but when he e-mailed the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying, things took an abrupt illegal U-turn. The Board told Mats it had no interest in hearing about his ideas. Fair enough. But the Board didn’t stop there. After a two-year investigation, it fined him $500 for publicly criticizing the timing of traffic lights without having a Professional Engineer license. The Board also forbid him from continuing to discuss his research. 1. – Castaways – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand‘The curse of the widow and fatherless light upon the man that breaks open this box, whilst he has a ship at his back.’


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-02-23

Wildcard: Spreadsheet-Driven Customization of Web ApplicationsIn this paper, we present spreadsheet-driven customization, a technique that enables end users to customize software without doing any traditional programming. The idea is to augment an application’s UI with a spreadsheet that is synchronized with the application’s data. When the user manipulates the spreadsheet, the underlying data is modified and the changes are propagated to the UI, and vice versa. Concordia University’s online vision hid grim reality – oregonlive.comIn a draft version of Ries’ speech to trustees, he spelled out the “pronounced challenges” of Concordia’s 20-year deal with HotChalk, a California firm the school had paid hundreds of millions of dollars to jumpstart its online programs. The financial success of the deal depended on “overly aggressive enrollment targets,” Ries planned to say. Declining enrollment devastated the university’s finances. Home of “Louie” & “Gyp” (LOC) | Bain News Service,, publishe… | Flickrthanks to @cogdog I got another beautiful flickr comments example How a Web Design Company Crowdfunded Millions and Completely Disappeared – VICE“The problem space we tackled, we had the kind of hopeful naivety that would actually give us the balls to do it, but it’s much more difficult than any of us realized,” Toucchi told Motherboard. “I can imagine there’s a few people who are pissed off.” Toucchi went on to portray those his […]