We just wrapped up this year’s 21st century lesson plans awards. Below is one of the student work winners- a great stop motion ad created for Alexander’s BBQ. The restaurant has the ad running on its website.

You can also find quick video summaries of the winning lessons (like the one below) on the ITRT Vimeo site. Once we get the lesson plans and artifacts up, I’ll post those as well.

MS- Creativity from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.

Rachel Toy (the teacher who leads off the video above) is also working with me and a few other people on 21st century assessment (which I’ll post about later).

2 thoughts on “Henrico 21 Lesson Videos

    1. I didn’t edit those but it was done with FinalCut Pro. I’m a fan. It’s powerful and allows a lot of flexibility. I think it’s fairly easy to get rolling and the sky is the limit.

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