Markov Seeds

I started to comment on Alan’s recent post but realized I needed to document this a bit better than a comment.

Every so often I kick over the #ds106 Markov generator and see what comes out. Sometimes I push it on to Twitter to share with the world.

This one amused me so I did.

Talking Tina replied, justifiably confused. I explain. (There’s some additional side chatter you can see here but the more interesting stuff is below.)

It could have died there but instead it went into a realm I could not have predicted- probabilistic programming in quantitative finance.

Bill Smith chimes in with n-dimensional Hilbert space.

All this from the random ramblings of a robot algorithm.

An Aside

Because asides are what this post is about after all), you may recall some attempts I was making to use an IFTTT recipe to pull my Tweets into a Google spreadsheet to mess with them a bit more.
I decided to see how often I’d get close to the full 140 characters. In playing around with the chart types I decided to visualize it with the radar chart. I was just curious what it would look like. No real reason. Strangely it has completely frozen the chart. I can’t remove it or interact with it in any way. It looks like the first image on my end and gives the second humorous (to me) error message on the published view.

It’s always interesting when you break something. Usually it’s best if it’s fixable but I don’t mind too much in this case. there’s something fairly attractive about breaking a web service in this way.

This chart broke the google spreadsheet

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.46.45 PM