Mega Shark Infographic

I don’t know what it is about posters lately but this is simply awesome. It’s from the movie Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus1.

Mega Shark Infographic
Mega Shark Infographic

Pitching this WCYDWT style would be awesome.

Any crazy physics teachers out there willing to give this a shot? I was utterly bored by physics both times2 I took it but I’d have spent a happy week trying to figure stuff like this out.

Found via the always awesome Super Punch

1 It’s now on my list to watch. I don’t know why Jim Groom hasn’t dedicated an entire blog to this yet.

2 I took it once in HS and once in college. I didn’t fail people. I only failed classes when I had personality conflicts with teachers.

7 thoughts on “Mega Shark Infographic

  1. I just watched the shark eat the plane, a new one for me, let’s watch it together :0 Brilliant lesson, and absolutely brilliant infographic. Makes me want to make an infographic just to make one, it looks so fun and cool. It is ll about the frame!

  2. I teach physics, and we just did this in class! I can’t believe I found this randomly from Dan Meyer’s blog. We analyzed the amount of kinetic energy that would be necessary for the shark to get to the plane. Which turns out to be a lot of energy. We then tried to figure out drag on the water and how much would get pulled up as the shark left the water, and how much would be vaporized. Sweet, sweet graphic!

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