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Our Byrd M.S. PhysEd teachers lead an amazing unit about drugs and drug abuse. The students research a drug and create a Keynote to be presented in front of class as a culminating project. The other day I found Mouse Party and thought of our brave PhysEd department. This is a great interactive site with simple and quality animations that show how a variety of drugs interact with your brain. If you’re responsible for drug education at your school, Mouse Party could be an interesting way to teach the science behind a “high”.

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  1. you suck!!!

    • I had been thinking I’d been getting better. You know, working my way up. I could have sworn I was at the “you suck!!” level. Oh well, time to get back to work and hope I can get rid of some of those exclamation points.

      I appreciate you being honest with me.

  2. why do poeple want to take drugs i not cool

    • I don’t think the mice had a choice.

    • Have you tried them? How do you know they’re not cool? There’s been a lot of research with THC (active ingredient in marijuana) to help relieve pain and glaucoma, plus it’s a natural substance. It can help people with anxiety function with far less stress, whether or not they’ve been diagnosed by a doctor, and nobody has EVER died of a weed overdose. “Magic mushrooms” (psilocybin) have shown to help people with severe clinical depression, alcohol in moderate or heavy amounts is good for the circulatory system, LSD can also help with some types of mental illness, ketamine has been shown to help people with severe depression, at least temporarily… There are all sorts of practical applications for “illicit” substances, let alone recreational. Alcohol is legal and it causes more destruction, death, and unproductive time than heroin, the NHS in England has determined through extensive research. Not every drug user is an addict. In fact, most drug users are only light or moderate users and are NOT addicts.

      • Well argued Clair. Five years too late though. You could have convinced sophie to do drugs, or at least give drugs to mice, if you’d have just been a few years earlier.

  3. I want to use this,is it possible?

    • Sure. It is possible. It’s a website open to anyone.

  4. that is funny with the mice smokeing and and all crazy.

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