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I’m a bit old school when it comes to phones. I habitually leave my phone on vibrate. I never notice that it vibrates. This occasionally makes people mad. I do this mainly because I’m absent minded and don’t want to be that guy with the annoying phone going off.

The solution came to me the other day.

I needed a ring that doesn’t sound like a ring, something that’d be a normal sound in most places1. I can make custom ringtones for the iPhone in Garageband.

My phone now coughs politely2.

In case anyone else wants to sound vaguely sick, but maintain politeness, here is my cough ringtone as a m4a and as a m4r ringtone.

1 The mosquito ringtone would not work for me because it’s noticeable to kids. I want something unobtrusive to everyone.

2 My guitar still gently weeps. I’m unaware what other objects I own do.

6 thoughts on “My Phone Coughs Politely

  1. It’s probably just my own odd psychology, but it always bothers me when someone I’m talking to face-to-face interrupts the conversation to answer their phone (cell or otherwise). I’ve always felt that the immediate interaction is more important than almost any potential one. (Exceptions for pending births and other major medical issues. 🙂

  2. Should I be worried that the first thing that popped into my mind was how to hijack somebody else’s phone and save a ringtone of passing gas? I guess I’m showing my maturity…

    1. Sadly, we are in the same boat. I was thinking of a gag free app that would randomly change the default ringtones to something like that but not consistently. That would make denial even more difficult.

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