Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Report: Florida man high on flakka has sex with tree and calls himself Thor | Miami Herald Miami Herald “The officer used a Taser, but Crowder, who pulled the electric probes from his body, then punched the officer and tried to stab the cop with his badge, according to the report. “ tags: florida weekly […]

MakerBot Troubleshooting

flickr photo shared by Creative Tools under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license We have a MakerBot Desktop 5th generation desktop printer. Because of some issues it was reset to factory conditions. That throws the firmware back to 1.0.something. When I tried to access it with the newest MakerBot Desktop (3.7) I could connect […]

Photography – Week 82

This nest is right outside my front door. My family is obsessed with them. I went to take their (the birds) picture again the other day and all four bailed out of the nest- just like little parachutists.

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Creative Form & Input Field Design Examples — Medium tags: webdev weekly design webdesign forms form Roy Conway Thrasher, Rocket Scientist | Thrasher Family Association One of my neighbors in Huntsville. “During the height of the Cold War, Roy was required to call in and give a code at predetermined times. It is my understanding […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

This is a guide for instructing posthumans in Dadaism ” In such times Dada objects amuse everybody, and since these objects are (mostly) made collectively, they are a strong community bond. Amusement (of oneself and others) and the making of art communities are the goals of Dada. Dada is a priori against everything, including goals […]

Embed a Google Folder in Populr.me

We’ve had a few people who became big fans of populr.me. They’re also using Google Docs/Drive and since I like things to blend . . . here’s how you embed a Google Drive folder into populr.me. The example is here if you want to check it out. Getting That iFrame Stuff I started to write […]

A blog is . . .

#usgened #connectedlearning A good summary of the ethical issues of student blogging: http://t.co/EHlyiG4ZiT — Robert H. Gowdy (@rhgowdy) June 20, 2015 The Twitter exchange above prompted this post which will revisit some things various people have said lots of times to lots of different people but I haven’t written any of my responses down lately. […]