I liked this guy quite a bit and he was more than happy to pose for the picture. He even switched the newspaper around so it’d be visible without any prompting from me.1 Another stranger portrait from the public park near where I work. I like patterns. This particular shot also has colors that I… Read More

In WordPress it’s easy to delay publishing until a certain date or to show posts published on a certain date but I didn’t know of an easy way to show posts associated with a certain date. What I wanted to do was allow an instructor to write a bunch of posts about art related events… Read More

Google Feud h/t Michael Price tags: weekly culture society google 3D Printers Create Fancy Future Crackers That Sprout Into A Mini Salad “Food Designer ChloĆ© Rutzerveld believes 3D printing will revolutionize the food industry, and she is getting the ball rolling by developing a 3D printed cracker that consists of living organisms such as seeds,… Read More

By default bbPress will enroll you as a form participant on every site you go to when you’re logged in on a multisite installation. It is meant to be helpful but usually results in a headache. People get nervous that people they don’t know are in their users list. Other people want to un-enroll to… Read More

Given a different type of planning I’d have started with Alan’s Daily Create Theme but that’s now how these particular stars aligned. Instead I had a course site that was mostly built and had been polished in a variety of theme specific ways when the daily create idea came up. I didn’t really want to… Read More

The mix of lines and color work pretty well with the reflection to be something a bit more than just a window. Something about this felt like a buoy on water rather than a traffic cone on bricks. The giant peach water tower being repainted in Gaffney. The Silver Dollar was once a place of… Read More

emulsifier on Vimeo h/t boing boing tags: perspective art fish bird weekly Vimeo Reddit and suicide intervention: How social media is changing the cry for help, and the answer. “Now, nearly 35,000 people are subscribed to SuicideWatch. Related subreddit, or sub, StopSelfHarm has 4,500 members; MakeMeFeelBetter has 15,000; the depression sub, which shares some moderators… Read More

I set myself the slightly odd challenge of creating a few interactive poems using JavaScript elements. I plan to do this every so often for a while.1 Each creation will have my own poetry,2 an image, and some element of JavaScript driven interactivity that relates to the poem. The theme came about because I was… Read More

Sometimes it’s the tiny, little bitty things. This is one of those times.1 Issue: Lesley Bullock is an awesome ornithology instructor who has all her students doing field work and they’re aggregating their work to a main mother blog hub. She is even having them record and upload bird songs which is entirely awesome. The… Read More