Photography #152



birch and rainbow

Not the best picture but I do love this fence construction technique.



Outside Karlstad, Sweden



This photo op kept me pinned for quite a while so I figured my own capture was earned.

skull w bokeh
From the Vasa museum which was really awesome. h/t Grant Potter for the suggestion.


premium dog food

hard rock or hÃ…rdrock


basketball - the drive

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  1. Domains 17 Spinning Closer | bavatuesdays said on March 4, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    […] Also, I have to take a moment and thank Bryan Mathers again who has been having an animated field day with the art. I recently posted the above image to Twitter of album art in a Stockholm record store that was remarkably similar to Reclaim’s logo. Bryan made short work of animating it into a promo GIF for the conference. What’s more, it was cool to see Tom Woodward (who will be coming to Domains 17!) selected one of his images of the Stockholm record store for last week’s photo post.  […]

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