Photography – Week 45

contrasting reflections


The mix of reflection and texture in this shot was what appealed to me. The Scott House is a pretty impressive place.

Autumnal Scene


Fall leaves on the bricks and the napkins with the napkins echoing the shapes of the bricks- it seemed almost intentional.



This looks better large but the texture and color of the car and the photo as a whole really appealed to me.



This ended up with pretty strong lines in both directions. I like the abstractness of it.



This is another one that looks better large. The color and stillness of the man and his bags make the shot interesting to me.

the cat walk


The larger version makes their expressions more interesting. It’s very theatrical.



Sisrene Grocery

I like these old signs. This particular view mixed in a variety of other interesting objects – fire hydrant, street light, and a few windows.

#openva hilarity


The background makes this more interesting but the expressions make the shot.

drag on the way to work


A different expression and interesting contrasts and shadows.



I like pets looking out windows.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart


I’ve taken a great many shots of this cathedral. This is one that finally felt interesting and a little different. I was on a porch rather than on the sidewalk which gave me a very different angle.

the wall bleeds color

I’ve taken this shot before as well but this time I think I got the colors right.

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  1. Susan said on October 18, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Fantastic photos!