Photography – Week 50

the gift for gab


This was at the train station around 5:20 AM. I like the dull colors and almost stupor like gaze of the man against the open-mouthed-hyper-enthusiasm of the TV “personality.” I didn’t get quite as close as I wanted. I shot fairly quickly becauseĀ I couldn’t believe he’d keep holding that awkward pose.

Early Morning Train Station


Another early AM train station shot. She just oozed bored resignation.




This one just felt a bit surreal to me. The older gentleman in the background hit the light in an interesting way and the double glass doors lent some interesting reflections.



Just a leaf plastered to some glass in the VCU engineering building but between the colors and the patterns of the water and background I found it to be interesting. Photographs earlier this week were pretty hard to come by because of lots of rain.



The pipes made this alley wall feel a bit like lined paper.

A Frame


Just lots of black and white shapes.