Rookie Javascript Mistakes

I frequently can accomplish things by cobbling together code I find on Stack Overflow and various tutorials/examples found elsewhere. Sometimes I have a decent idea what’s going. Other times . . . my lack of real understanding slows me down much more than I’d like. The following bits of increased knowledge come from playing around with three javascript plugins for jquery. You can see all of them in action at the site1 above. Chart.js – simple HTML 5 carts that are animated on construction countUp.js – does those rolling numbers ToolTipsy – slick customized tooltips “By seeking and blundering we learn.” – quite possibly Goethe2 Here are two easy things I did wrong when playing with way too many javascript libraries on the ECAR demo site. Lesson one – If a library is a jquery plugin then the script you write (initiator?) AND the plugin reference3 have to load after jquery. That order is just a little bit important. I had previously thought far less about the plugin source URL and probably accidentally put it in the right order. In my head it wasn’t a script.4 I thought about more like a reference put into action later and so I never really thought about the order. This is basic competency stuff but I did it wrong and spent a while […]