The Web Provides – All Tab URLs to HTML

I gave a quick talk to University Seminar on General Education this morning. As is my want, I did it live from the browser with many, many tabs open. At the end of the presentation I was asked if I could give those tabs to the other humans in attendance. I could have gone the long route and cut/pasted my way to the answer but I was pretty sure someone had already figured out a better way.1 Sure enough, a quick search for chrome grab open tabs and I ended up with the lovely Chrome extension Copy All URLs. I used the HTML option and then did a quick find/replace to make it in list format although you could do it all in the “custom” option. Update >>> I like Jon’s alternate plugin better if you’re not going to craft your own structures. It has a bit more flexibility in terms of saving the session etc. Here’s the list of URLs for anyone interested. University Seminar on General Education Motherblog Get Involved Flickr – Photo Sharing! Rethink Your Space Passenger Pigeons Bones in 3D Submit a marker | Hollywood Cemetery Ram Pages | An online community for VCU Dashboard ‹ Network Admin: — WordPress Site-Wide Activity | Ram Pages Mother Blog | Items of Interest PSY 323: […]

Simple Debugging of Javascript

creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Dmitry Baranovskiy We have a few people messing about with JavaScript for the first time1 so I figured I’d sketch out how I use Chrome to help debug things. With Chrome it’s relatively pleasant. Chrome has developer tools which are very handy for all things made on the web. They’re even so kind as to provide really extensive advice on using these tools to troubleshoot JavaScript. I’d suggest going there if you’re serious but the pattern described below is far more efficient than my previous technique- which mainly consisted of mumbling curses while squinting very hard at the screen. My technique is essential this- Something is broken. With JavaScript this will often just result in a blank space. Typos will kill you. JavaScript is case sensitive. I right click/ctrl click and choose inspect element. Then I move over to the Console view. It will have bright red warnings about my failure to match things up. From there I can click on the far right and shift to my actual code (the Sources screen) at the place where the issue is occurring. In this case the problem is that it references a div that doesn’t exist. 1 I’m pretty much in that same cohort.


The Web is Plastic

Twitter really needs to seriously rethink the *mandatory* & unalterable displaying of images in one's timeline on — Digital Maverick (@digitalmaverick) July 20, 2014 I saw the post above this morning and thought to myself that this is a problem I can solve. You can still bend and shape it to your desires, even if it’s not technically yours. There are lots of ways to deal with this issue but I figured I would look at removing the image preview entirely using CSS. Turns out there is a Chrome Stylebot extension that lets you set custom CSS styles for particular sites and it is dead simple to use even if you don’t know CSS. Embedded below is an under one minute example of how to use Stylebot to deal with the image preview issue.