Movie Monster Pet Guide

After my dad sent me a link to this dinosaur pet guide, I thought it’d be nice to have one for movie monsters. I’m using it as an opportunity to practice drawing more in Illustrator and once I get it finished up it’ll make for a decent #ds106 assignment. I was thinking horror movie characters, cartoons, famous people1 Anyway, round one is below as sleep is needed. I think most of them are pretty self explanatory. The triskaphobia2 Jaws one was a reach. It’s mocking Jaws 3-D which was a total flop and the shark should fear that number being brought up. cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Woodward 1 I want to make one with Kanye West and Bobcat Goldthwait. 2 A slightly amended version of Triskaidekaphobia. I figured if deka means ten . . .then chopping it off takes us from thirteen to three and it seems the Internet agrees.