Even a Duck’s Quack Echos: The Danger of Networks

Ok, so that wasn’t the original TED title but I like mine better (it’ll make sense if you’ve ever gotten one of those “amazing fact” emails). This is an old TED video from way back in 2005 but this one portion really hits home with me. I started to transcribe the notes and then got lazy- so my non exact notes are below and the video clip is embedded. I trimmed it to 3:30 but the whole thing is interesting, especially when looking back at 2005 and thinking how much more enmeshed in networks we have become and how much print journalism has continued to change. duck echos Rough notes for those who will never watch the video It’s easy to believe networks are good. The dark side, the more tightly linked we become the harder it is to stay independent. A network is not just a product of its component parts, it is something more than that. The problem is that groups are only smart when the people in them are as independent as possible- paradox of collective intelligence. Networks make it harder for people to think independently because they drive attention to the things the network values. one of the phenomenons – meme gets going it’s easy to pile on, that piling on phenomenon, that essentially throws off […]