Embed a Google Folder in Populr.me

We’ve had a few people who became big fans of populr.me. They’re also using Google Docs/Drive and since I like things to blend . . . here’s how you embed a Google Drive folder into populr.me. The example is here if you want to check it out. Getting That iFrame Stuff I started to write directions on how to do this but just built a little tool instead.


I am a Human (mostly)

Hopefully this video will introduce me to you and demonstrate my commitment to networked learning and a few of the many benefits I’ve seen as a result. It also shows my long-term commitment to these entwined tools and practices. If, for some reason,1 you want to investigate any of the sites referenced more deeply they’re linked below. my site on the wayback machine – peer into my thoughts from way back when and realize that the contents don’t vary too much the video that would not dieDated and probably only got that many views because of the soundtrack which almost certainly has copyright issues My Twitter archive – the LOC cares, so should you. A serious Diigo commitment DS106 – good times, good people- mind expanding in general My more (algorithmically) popular Flickr photos The parrot photo 1 Trust but verify.

The Web Provides – All Tab URLs to HTML

I gave a quick talk to University Seminar on General Education this morning. As is my want, I did it live from the browser with many, many tabs open. At the end of the presentation I was asked if I could give those tabs to the other humans in attendance. I could have gone the long route and cut/pasted my way to the answer but I was pretty sure someone had already figured out a better way.1 Sure enough, a quick search for chrome grab open tabs and I ended up with the lovely Chrome extension Copy All URLs. I used the HTML option and then did a quick find/replace to make it in list format although you could do it all in the “custom” option. Update >>> I like Jon’s alternate plugin better if you’re not going to craft your own structures. It has a bit more flexibility in terms of saving the session etc. Here’s the list of URLs for anyone interested. University Seminar on General Education Motherblog Get Involved Flickr – Photo Sharing! Rethink Your Space Passenger Pigeons Bones in 3D Submit a marker | Hollywood Cemetery Ram Pages | An online community for VCU Dashboard ‹ Network Admin: Rampages.us — WordPress Site-Wide Activity | Ram Pages Mother Blog | Items of Interest augmenting.me/trials/inequality2.html augmenting.me/trials/before_after/phpindex.php PSY 323: […]

Committing to Committing – OLE & #twp15

flickr photo shared by yewenyi under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license There will be never be enough time.1 So in honor of that I’m going to be participating in UBC’s Teaching with WordPress while ALT Lab runs a similar course at VCU that we call OLE.2 The UBC course is obviously focused on teaching online with WordPress and has a strong open/connectivist/Canadian3 vibe. OLE is more broadly focused on connected learning and online teaching in general but also has strong WordPress emphasis. And you should play along in either or both with me. I’ll be doing my best to entwine the two groups in interesting ways. We even have an early optional assignment that is mean to do just that. Embrace it all with reckless exuberance. Consider this a formal invitation.4 I’ll tell you a bit about what we’ve built out, in WordPress so it’s useful to #TWP15 and the OLE group,Throw your sets up. as the backbone of the OLE course. First, the site is using the Skips theme that Mark Luetke5 developed with other good people at VCU Arts. It does a few interesting tricks like loading the child pages into one continuous scroll and highlighting that navigational element as you move through the components. It’s easier to go there and try it if that description […]

Internet Faces

We’re going to be starting up an online class about teaching online classes and we’re doing some small “daily create” type activities. In this case people are asked to sign up for a gravatar and then reflect on why they chose that image. As part of the practice-what-you-preach initiative I figured I’d say why I’ve chosen my various avatars.   This is my current Gravatar image. As you can see it was meant to be a bit light hearted. I changed it (from the one below) when I started doing more commenting/support on rampages.us. It’s a selfie that I altered in Photoshop using the halftone filter. I hoped it would make things a bit less official and it was meant to resemble a comic book illustration to some degree. It’ll fit well with our upcoming VCU common book – The Secret History of Wonder-Woman.     This had been my Gravatar image for a long time. Clearly, I’m not a fan of having my actual (unaltered) picture associated with my accounts. Most people who take a lot of photographs don’t like being photographed. I fall in that group. This image was more serious and probably fairly boring.   I am not represented uniformly across platforms so I’m breaking one reason to use Gravatar but I’ve never been very consistent. I changed to this […]