The Web Provides – All Tab URLs to HTML

I gave a quick talk to University Seminar on General Education this morning. As is my want, I did it live from the browser with many, many tabs open. At the end of the presentation I was asked if I could give those tabs to the other humans in attendance. I could have gone the long route and cut/pasted my way to the answer but I was pretty sure someone had already figured out a better way.1 Sure enough, a quick search for chrome grab open tabs and I ended up with the lovely Chrome extension Copy All URLs. I used the HTML option and then did a quick find/replace to make it in list format although you could do it all in the “custom” option. Update >>> I like Jon’s alternate plugin better if you’re not going to craft your own structures. It has a bit more flexibility in terms of saving the session etc. Here’s the list of URLs for anyone interested. University Seminar on General Education Motherblog Get Involved Flickr – Photo Sharing! Rethink Your Space Passenger Pigeons Bones in 3D Submit a marker | Hollywood Cemetery Ram Pages | An online community for VCU Dashboard ‹ Network Admin: — WordPress Site-Wide Activity | Ram Pages Mother Blog | Items of Interest PSY 323: […]