Top Hat Content Rescue Bookmarklet

We have more and more people building things in Top Hat. Top Hat has some useful features (and a very aggressive sales team) but it’s not a place that makes it easy to get your content out.

I am working with some of our biology faculty who have gotten an Open Stax textbook in there but want to put their now edited version someplace that is not Top Hat.

The following bookmarklet will select the Top Hat content into a format that lets you cut/paste it into an HTML editor. You can see some of the issues with typical awkward paths for trying to get content out in the video. It’ll also show you how to add a bookmarklet if you’re looking for that.

javascript: (function() {
    var topHat = document.getElementById('flux-app').innerHTML;
    navigator.clipboard.writeText(topHat).then(function() {
    }, function(err) {
        console.error('Failure', err);

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  1. carpetbomberz said on October 5, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    Indeed aggressive sales. I’ve been blind-sided when we got bitter complaints from someone who adopted it without seeking info first. They were scheduled for the semester into a room with crappy wifi and they couldn’t get everyone onto the polling app when they used it in class. They wanted a “substitute” for a paper quiz in class. They wanted to administer the poll like a quiz and have it “grade” itself. Never worked, ruined their plan for the class and it was all I.T. dept fault. If anyone had asked we could have had them use iClicker with hardware clickers (which don’t use the wifi at all). But thanks to Top Hat sales, we never got to have that consultation.