Utter Nonsense

It’s all in the processing.

Ask students to make sense out of what appears to be nonsense.

Take the Ask A Ninja “What is podcasting?” episode. Does it seem like gibberish? For sure. Is there a very definite underlying logic? Without question and that logic can be explained.

That’s the type of thing I’d start them off with. It’s not that hard. It really does have a purpose and structure.

I might move on to something like this. First this scene from The Royal Tenenbaums. They’ve got to make some sense of it.

Then expose them to this rather odd ode to The Royal Tenenbaums Jim Groom and I made a while back.

Shorn – Jim Groom Bares It All from Tom Woodward on Vimeo.

What is the connection to Twitter? A simple question that involves a lot of processing and understanding.

Make your own, have students make their own.

I’ll also recommend Motionographer as a great way to be exposed to interesting video to use for this type of exploration.

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  1. Ben said on August 28, 2009 at 9:22 am

    I am have to renew my love affair the the Ninja. I stopped watching about a year and a half ago, after many longs months…not sure why, great stuff!