Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-09-25

  • Size Matters – Futility Closet

    Olives counting 120-135 olives per pound: Standard
    Olives counting 105-120 olives per pound: Medium
    Olives counting 90-105 olives per pound: Large
    Olives counting 75-90 olives per pound: Extra Large
    Olives counting 65-75 olives per pound: Mammoth
    Olives counting 55-65 olives per pound: Colossal
    Olives counting 45-55 olives per pound: Giant

    Over the years they added Jumbo, Supercolossal, and Special Supercolossal. I

  • Sarah Patterson, arrested for trying to steal money from a… | Flickr

    the comments are pretty interesting

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