Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-06-18

  • Why EdTech Sucks – Learning {Re}imagined – Medium

    old media vampires looking to drink young blood, a university department propped up by Pearson, and a zombie report generating agency that could be replaced by an AI

  • CS4G Network Simulator

    Simulator game to teach the basics of network functions and security

  • Datamoshing


  • Welcome to Our Design Studio, Where You’ll Never See the Light of Day But You Can Bring Your Dog – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

    .” My motto is “On Instagram they can’t hear you scream.” Unless you post videos. Don’t ever post videos.

  • Auraglyph | Spencer Salazar

    Auraglyph is an audio software programming, composition, and design system for iPad in which processing structures are created with stylus and multitouch input. Via stylus input, users draw a variety of audio and control nodes and the interconnections between them.

  • Game Cities

    With a PhD in urban planning and geography, a MSc in city and regional planning, a 5-year engineering diploma, and years of experience in the gaming industry, I would love to help shape the urban environments of your game.
    My job is to consult on matters of imaginary urbanism, fix your city’s problems, help with your world-building, create your maps, design living, breathing fantasy or sci-fi urban environments, help you abstract existing places to fit your gaming project,  or even design your interactive cities from the ground up.

  • A Long Soaring Dive… this is What Blogging Does

    It’s a long, beautiful soaring dive that results in unexpected, delightful surprises. Who would not want that?