Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-02-24

  • Man who went viral for buying $540 of Girl Scout cookies arrested in DEA drug bust – CNN
    //the drug bust thing seems secondary to this line . . . .

    A picture of McGowan posing with the two girls was posted on Facebook by the girls’ cookie manager and shared thousands of times.

  • The Hobbit
  • Dear Iowa BIG Students: 2019 – ThinkThankThunk
    So, I just need one thing from you. Don’t treat the faculty like we have a plan for you that involves some pre-determined spate of work. We don’t.  Just tell me what you love, what makes you mad, and what you hope to change, and the work will follow.
  • Turbulence – Futility Closet
    //I’m going with aeronef from now on.

    The roots of the word helicopter are not heli and copter but helico and pter, from the Greek “helix” (spiral) and “pteron” (wing).

    G.L.M. de Ponton’s 1861 British patent says, “The required ascensional motion is given to my aerostatical apparatus (which I intend denominating aeronef or helicoptere,) by means of two or more superposed horizontal helixes combined together.”