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  • “The reality is that, in the world of science and research, the “truth” is messy, and evolving. There’s this moment in an interview that every researcher dreads: “Yes, Dr Knowitall, but are you certain?” But researchers say to me: “The problem is Tracey, people with no scientific discipline can say what they like. They can say we need more prisons to reduce crime, the HPV vaccine is causing chronic fatigue or the climate has warmed by more or less than it has. And in response what do we have? Caveats, probabilities and error bars!”

    So we keep the messy bits to ourselves. We flatten out uncertainties because we’re afraid that scientific uncertainty will be used against us. Co-opted by extremists. Used as fodder for headlines. Or we stay silent while others do. Because in reality researchers work always with uncertainty. It’s the nature of the beast.”

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  • “Looking at everyone in the three ways you could possibly know someone – personally, professionally and romantically – you can provide a rating and review on everyone you come in contact with, while allowing yourself to be reviewed.”

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  • ” This is the story of a Russian security firm whose operations were pelted with Molotov cocktail attacks after exposing an organized crime gang that developed and sold malicious software to steal cash from ATMs.”

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  1. Enoch Hale said on October 7, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Good science is messy as is all significant explorations. Why don’t we just embrace the messiness? I think back to my science education and the illusion of error free, unbiased work is scientific work.