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  • ““So I’m up about 20 feet in a tree right now,” he adds.

    “What?!” comes the response, which is weirdly enough what we’re all thinking. “What are you, what, uh, are you okay? How’s your energy, you’ve been there quite some time?”

    “Oh no, I’m fine,” Packer assures us. “Thankfully this is the nicest tree here. It’s a little cold, but I did Boy Scouts for 20 years, so I know how to keep my energy up and keep warm, so I’m doing fine.”

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  • “Think deeply about how code can be improved.

    One particularly well-kept secret is that looking at someone’s code with an eye towards finding ways of improving it can teach you more about writing readable code than receiving feedback on your own code.

    Doing this forces you to think about why you make the trade-offs that you do, what in the code you are reacting to, why you are reacting to it, and how you might improve it.

    There is rarely only one good solution to a problem. Asking questions and articulating your thoughts about these small problems can change your thinking about the issues you face in the code bases you work in on a day-to-day basis.”

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  • “‘‘This is the type of case that any politically inclined lawyer — this is your holy grail,’’ he said. ‘‘This is a government-created crime. This is a five-year and probably $3 million investigation.’’ He concluded: ‘‘I’m just delighted to take on the goddamn case.’’”

    Serra himself has served two prison terms, as a tax resister — four months in 1974 and 10 months in 2005. He would be happy to serve a third, should anyone care to arrest him. He loves life on the inside — ‘‘It’s like locking a doctor who likes to practice medicine in a hospital,’’ he once said.

    Serra is cynical about many things. He believes that ‘‘law is class struggle.’’ He believes that judges ‘‘are not referees, they are bullies,’’ and that they make decisions ‘‘based on their own moral perspective.’’ But Serra still believes in juries, believes they are ‘‘the last avenue to the common mentality, and there is something beautiful in the American mentality.’’

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  • codepen awesomeness

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